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Friday, January 1, 2010

Going to Winter Comiket 77 Day 1

Well here we are, The week of comiket has arrived! lets begin!

Well day one began at 5:30 in the morning, Today is not my day to sell at comiket so I only took some stuff with me.

Toritsu-Daigaku Station. Pretty empty this early in the morning.

Grabbed some breakfast and lunch for later on at a convinience store.
Its a pretty big hassle to get food at Comiket so buying or bringing food from home is the way to go.

Nikuman for breakfast eh. Probably not the best thing to have for breakfast, but sure tasty.

Shibuya, Yamanote line. More people appear. By the time I get to Osaki, you know everyone there is heading to Comiket.

I had nothing I was aiming to buy at comiket so I was in no rush (even though I left this early in the morning). It was funny watching people rush and run for the trains :3

Arrival at Kokusaitenjijo, the Tokyo Big Sight Station. Already flooded with people.

The Panasonic Building I plan to meet couple peopl at later this afternoon.

I seriously wonder how early these folks get here.

Lining up for comiket is Hell no matter when- Summer = uber hot. Winter = uber cold. I`m not quite sure which one was more tolerable. I waited from around 7:30-10, we got in at around 10:20.

Getting in is a pretty hard struggle as well.

I went to the West Hall first this time, to the Commercial Booths.
I`m going to separate this journal with the good stuff, but keep looking for shots of the doujin booths.

Finally entered into Comiket. Filled as last time.

This is the section I`ll be in tomorrow. Seems like it a bunch of Kuroshitsuji stuff today.

Well, heading to the West hall for the good stuff.

Here we are!

I`m taking a break, move on to the next blog entry for Comikets good stuff :3

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'd take cold any day (so long as its not snowing) if it mean staying in line cause you know eventually it'll get hot