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Friday, January 1, 2010

Winter Comiket 77 day 2

Today was the DAY! Man it was an experience... here we go

Got my gear set, time to go

Coffee to fuel me today

Waiting for teh trainnn

By the time I was on the Rinkai line it was packed...

for real

Met up with Arina, Then headed to the Circle Participant path

All the Participants Entering Tokyo Big Sight.

There were actually people waiting up here. Never knew people waited to enter this close.


We were of the early crowd, in a half hour people of the early crowd, in a half hour people will start to flood in. Arina taking a photo here.

Hall 6! Touhou for all XD

First look at our table, topped with ads

Set up, complete

Our little sign, indicating our table number

Kitchen tool to display badges was perfect

Arina behind the table

Me! behind my table! <3

Soon more people arrived and began setting up

Finally got my hands on a Catalog

There I am!

Kurot was participating at the other end of the hall. I got to meet her and she bought my book, but I didnt have my camera (doh...) but she was cool. She said she`ll be doing touhou for Summer Comiket

lol behind the scenes

quite suddenly a ton of people came pouring in...it wasnt even opening time yet

We figured that they allow people in early to line up that they allow people in early to line up for the popular circles.... I wonder where you line up to get in so early...

...Well from here the battle began. I was at my table pretty much the entire time with the acception of taking a few bathroom breaks. Arina couldn`t really watch the table for me since she doesnt know Japanese, so after a while she went off to buy stuff. I, well, was pretty busy actually selling and taking requests for sketchbooks. I did a total of thre requests for sketchbooks. I did a total of three sketches-

The first person requested Chirno. The second Person Requested Remillia but I gave the sketchbook back to him without taking a photo. darn.

The third person handed my a piece of sketchbook paper and asked me for Daiyousei. I drew it, but he never came back. oh drew it, but he never came back. oh well, his loss.

Overall results:

I sold a number of books that I could never sell at some other convention all three days combined. Surprisingly, My Doujinshi manga sold the most, followed by the art book, sold the most, followed by the art book, then my most, followed by the art book, then my brothers book. The Badges went quick.

My Doujinshi- Touhou Youseigokoro: Sold 11/15 Books
The Art Book Touhou Blaze: Sold 6/15 Books
My Brothers Yorozuya!: Sold 2/10 Books

Total: 19 Books sold

pretty Good for a first timer eh

over 25 badges sold, Selling out of Reimu, Marisa, Sanae, and all three versions of Daiyousei


Well it was a quick seven hours, before I knew it- it was time to leave

Marina and her boy friend came and met us. Arina was tired and went home, but we went and had something to eat and chatted for a while.

We went and had curry at the Shinagawa Station

Finally met them after couple tries!
Marina draws the webcomic - Within Shadows

I got back home, it was one tiring day but it felt a bit strange now that six months of work that went into this one day is now over.

I told Arina about Circle Revolution, as this is the first step I`ve taken to build that group. Now that I`ve successfully participated in comiket, I can do it again easy and maybe help others to do so as well.

....well, that ends my day for today.


Anonymous said...

you know I'm really tempted but I just dont have the cash!
I'd like to visit comitia when ever, though the language barrier wont help

Kxela said...

I want to go to Comitia too, I want to make something original in Japanese before I do though. Looks like I'm staying in Japan for a while so lets see if we can arrange something some day :3