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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kxela Survived Comiket Report (part b)

Comiket 76 day 3, August 16:

Ahhh so this day I only had one table to see in mind so I took it easy and got to comiket at 7:00.

The wait to get in wasn`t so bad, we were placed on a sidewalk with shade. The final line up to get in was painful though, 15 minutes in the sun and then 5 to get in.

I really had to use the bathroom, so the crowd sorta forced my direction, I ended up going to the commercial booths first. I then found out that you can pretty much go to anyt booth on the third day and get what you want before having to wait in line-

I was able to go to these tables: Leaf, Cospa, Good Smile Company and a couple other animation studios or goods companies.

At Good Smile company all the FumoFumo characters were sold out but I got my hands on this:

Comiket 76 release Nendoroid Hakurei Reimu! XD

I also got:

Leaf`s goods set (mainly for the bag cause I foolishly didnt bring my backpack)

K-on! Tote from Cospa~ I used it that day to carry my stuff

Well After wards I went to the west halls to see the table I wanted to see-

A22b- thats RYUSUKE HAMAMOTO`s table. Unfortunately both times I went, the artist himself wasn`t there. But I did get his books:

I also got books from:



and a bunch of other amazing artists:

I was able to get a sketch again today~

Thats the awesome thing about Comiket: you buy the comics/books directly from the artists and you even have a chance to get original art from them as a gift ^^

...although some tables are super busy (like popular ones) or some just aren`t ready to do sketches (ie they didnt bring materials to do so). I tried three tables today I think, the last one had a eraser by her so I figured she had her drawing stuff with her. Looks like she does original comics, the one I bought was super cute ^//^

well that pretty much wraps up my report.
here`s a semi-decent picture of me failing to get the big sight building in the snapshot of myself (its that thing in the middle right hand side) as proof I went there:

by the way Touhou Hisoutensoku is frickin awesome.
GO Sanae, Chirno, Chuugoku!
Theres a fair amount of new characters from what I`ve played :3

well cya!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Kxela Survived Comiket Report (part a)

Well to start, I guess I have to say- There is no place anywhere else on earth like Tokyo Big Sight on Comic Market Weekend.

Well there was only one thing on my must get list: 東方非想天則-Touhou hisoutensoku, aka the new Scarlet Whether Rhapsody by Twilight Frontier. That Circle was at East A28, on Saturday.

But I went all three days. Lets start the madness report now:

Comiket 76 Day 1, Firday August 14th:

Day 1 was pretty much all anime stuff, I went on Friday to learn how to get to Big Sight and learn the layout of the event. Getting there was quite easy, I was only couple of train changes from where I`m staying. First train- normal. Second Train-alright. Third train:

and by the way, this is only day 1.

Well I actually got there fairly early, 7:00. Comiket opens at ten, but there were quite a bit of people there already. But We got to line up in the 4th section (I think) of the East entrance.

In a few hours, this area will be packed:

Like so.
I brought stuff I needed- a fan, towel, foldup rain coat, cell, food, drinks-

And my DS of course, which saved me from dying of boredom:

Some people on pictochat actually congratulated me on my first time attending comiket lol.

Well, that covers about HOW I waited equally for each day.

anyways I really didnt take all that many pictures while I was there but, I`ll only show you how crowded it was ONCE:

So yeah, the bottom picture- thats pretty much how crowded it was EVERYWHERE and EVERYDAY.

Here`s a fun fact, you know that building you see in pretty much all comiket related anime episodes? :

FACT: that building is only HALF of the entire convention.

...I really dont want to do a minute by minute report so here`s the summary for friday:

First thought: Sea of people, literally. East building was for mainly Anime doujinshin, West side was was divided into two- Bottom floor Doujinshi, top floor was for commercial booths. It was hot. And my legs hurt the entire time. People were moving like water molecules in a river- go with the flow or go with the flow. Comiket is a battlefield.
If I had to compare Comiket with the conventions I`ve been to, then comiket is like the size of Megacon, double the attendance, and then multiply by TEN.

(gets pelted with stones)
okay okay, I know that wasnt the stuff you wanna see.
You want to know what treasures I was able to get :3 hehheh.
well uploading all of them is a pain so here`s one with everything (from friday):

OKay from the top starting with the stuff I got from commercial booths:
Exit Trance Best 7 CD, Manga Time Kirara Cross Over Comiket Special, Pivix Books- Vocaloid and Touhou. The rest is a mix of K-on!, Touhou, vocaloid, Hidamari Sketch, and others.

Thus ends day 1 of Comiket.

Comiket 76 Day 2, August 15:

So- 6:30 was good enough to be on time yesterday, so 5:30 is definitely gonna be early today, right?


Arrival at 6:30- There was more people already there than when I arrived yesterday.
Saturday is bigger, I`d almost double attendance wouldnt be off.

Well, it took about 25 minutes to get in. Notice, we were on the West side this time, which meant I had to hurry to the east side to get to Twilight Frontiers table.

I got there, and there already was a huge line. And I ended up waiting in the wrong line for a few minutes until I realized-

THATS THE SIGN I SHOULD BE LINING UP BEHIND... then what line was I lined up in?

oh awesome, I was behind the original touhou booth, Touhou Project Shanghai Alice. As much as I wanted to stay in that line, they werent my main target. So I changed lines- just before it started to grow into a "snake" line (one that wraps around).

So many people...... I was afraid they`d sell out by the time I get there.

But luckily:

my efforts were not in vain.

I spent my entire day in the Touhou Area.
Well, before going home I went by the Cosplay area #2:

(makes you wonder how big cosplay area #1 was....)

Well, I`ll just post some photos I took:

I went home in the dreaded heat.

Todays Gold Result:

I was able to get a lot of combo packages with fun stuff ^^
Everything I bought today was touhou except those Narcissu ones on the bottom.-

Cream of the crop. Touhou hisoutensoku, Advent Cirno, and ちょぼらうにょぽみ`s book XD

One artist did some nice Tei Books, I asked for a sketch and happily got one ^^

I forgot Sundays Pictures at home.
Guess there`ll be a part b to this post.
Shame, cause Sunday was actually THE BEST.

see you then!