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Friday, January 8, 2010


I went to Atami with my relatives couple days ago...

Train to Atami from Yokohama Station

Eki-bento yeah XD

[welcome to Atami]

Atami shopping Plaza flags

Nice looking Plaza

Atami and its Onsen (Hot Spring) History

Old Fashioned Map

We were a bit early, couple more days and the Ume Trees would have been blossomed. Here you can see one bulb in the middle starting to bloom.

Hot Spring Fountains Everywhere. The water was pretty hot.

Pavement Sign

Amazing timing, We got to this geyser when it was shooting water!

Yuzu Drink. Yuzu is a fruit of Japan...never actally had one though.

Winter Icecream. Honey Flavor, the taste was a bit light.

Hot Spring by the Train Station. Everyone sits on the bench and puts their feet in to warm up. Must have felt good in this cold weather. I was tempted to try but we had to get on the bus.

Pretty Nice area, quite a nice change from the Tokyo Setting.


I found this funny at a gift shop- dried fish cell phone strap ornament lol

Fancy Hotel Dinner

The view from the seventh floor was pretty nice

Next Day we rode the tour bus.

It circled the Atami Area.

We stopped and went to this Atami  Art Museum.

Upon exiting I spoted some engrish

Pretty Bridge leading to Bai-En (Ume Gardens)

Fabulous sight. Wonder how great it`d look when all the trees are in full bloom.

Spotted a Korean building/monument

Some of the Trees were blooming.

There were some small gift shops on the way down. One Man tried to get me to buy this spinning toy haha

Ume Festival was in a few days. I wonder if the flowers would bloom in time.

We visited a near by Shrine also.

Pretty big building compared to our local one.

Subliminal Tree, 2000 years old

Temple Shopss

Miko-san at work!

On the Way back we saw some school kids heading home. The Randocel bags show that they`re elementry kids.

Tenpura Soba before our departing back home.

The train we rode back had a view of Mount Fuji, but the other mountains were in the way so I didnt get many pictures of it. But it was awesome.

Well I wasn`t planning to go on this trip, but seems like the timing of coming to Japan sorta made me slip into my relatives vacation plans so I ended up tagging along. It was a pretty cool experience.

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