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Friday, January 1, 2010

C77 Day 1 Report

This entry will consist of-
Commercial Booth  photos
Stuff I bought this day.

I took a ton of Itasha pictures so that`ll be in another entry.

lets start!

Fate/StayNight Figures

Tohou Figma!

Black Rock Shooter

Vocaloid Puchi Nendoroid, I have two. I want Miku and Luka

Tohou Nendoroid Puchi!!!

The K-On! Band, All Nendoroids

Nanoha Nendos

Soon to be added: Marisa and Sanae Nendos!

Miku VN02 Mix Figure. Do want this Awesome

Now moving on to Cosplay!
Today was the only day I got to take Cosplay photos...
I was too stuck or busy the next two days but.. stuck or busy the next two days but...enjoy, I did manage to take some nice pictures.

Kamen Rider!

Sakuya and Chuugoku

Very Nice Rin and Len School Uniform cosplay

Miku, Kaito, Luka. Simple and Stylish


Vocaloids again

New Vocaloid Miki Cosplay

Annnndd that was it for the Cosplay pics
As I was leaving the area I saw the people who bought a ton of stuff using the delivery service for taking their stuff home...:

Here`s what I got by the way,

-A Set Package from some circle
-Gift`s Nendoroid Plus Plushie Kirisame Marisa
-Touhou Keychains from another commerical booth

Pretty Illustration Bag

Art Booklet and Calendar

Marisa! I`ll go in depth about her later.

Fun Tohou Keychains!

After leaving the cosplay area I found the parking area where people displayed their Itasha (those cars area where people displayed their Itasha (those cars decorated with Anime decals) I took a ton of photos of those so I`ll put a ton of photos of those so I`ll put them in the next post.

I went to the Panasonic Building and Met up with Arina (arima-shiro from Deviantart) We`re meeting up again tomorrow and I`ll be sharing my table with her. She`ll be selling one Hetalia Comic.

Anyways, I was pretty wiped out but I had to get ready for tomorrow.

This is how I plan my table to look, with the equipment I also bought today:

All right That was Day one!

The real task begins tomorrow.....

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