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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Phoenix wright memo

Oh right I forgot.

I beat Phoenix wright 1 and then got PW2 and then beat that also.

I have to say, PW1 was better, but the last chapter for PW2 owned all
the previous chapters.

Such a cool game.

get back in shape entry

Well I got my laptop back, good shape.
School has begun again. I have 4 classes. 1 animation, 1 video, 1 storyboard, 1...painting. yeah.
I just posted my little short 3D animation I did last quarter in my first 3D animation class on Youtube. here's my page, this is my second vid


I have such a long to do list. No I dont. I just think I do.
1. update Li NOW!
2. Contest prize sketch for Luna
3. Update starvingartists...
4. update NC
5. draw some more stuff
6. separate comic project
I should really just get to work.
My friend and I paired up to buy paints last week. Oil paints. dang it was expensive... I better come out of that class with a hell of a good painting...
I gotta make a video for video class. in 10 weeks. yup.
Well I'm all worn out from work right now. I need a nap. cya

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Phoenix Wright one

Well here I am. I have a BLOG. technically i've had different places where i posted something occasionally like a blog, but they werent...BLOG.

Okay well screw the introduction. I always do a fricking "yay! I got a blog" type intro. so no.

Anyways yesterday I bought Phoenix Wright for the DS. I played it endlessly. and havent beat it. Well, that's a good sign. I was puzzled as to how a attourney game could be fun. But after all the months and months of hype, I walked by a shelf that had this game on it and just picked it up.

'yeah, i heard this was good, i'll get it. if its not i can blame the people who said it was'

It's a battle of wits. Mind versus matter. Finding faults in the faultless. You're a Lawyer and youre defending the innocent accused. the opponent is a prosectutor trying to get your client proven guilty.

It's a big mystery solving game. Except lots of scenarios. well... I've only gone through four but, they were long as hell. And good on top of that.

The last two mystery games i played were "Touch Detective" and "Hotel Dusk: Room 215" (i think that was the number). You search for clues, you find the culprit.

But here, you do investigations gather evidence, and then find the opponents weakness in the court and then you rub the evidence in their face to get them to confess that they did it.

Oh and the voice recognition is kinda silly at first... but now I just have this rush to shout "OBJECTION!" partly thanks to Hailnekoyasha's Phoenix Wright comics she's done on DA :3
Those are great.

Thats all of Phoenix wright for now. Least when I beat it I know I have a sequel waiting for me to play ^^

I watched all of Bleach. All episodes in existance. I'm kinda... i dunno wiped out. I'm gonna wait maybe a month or so for some episodes to come out before I start watching again. That Filler Arc was nuts. But I watched it, for some reason.

ok I gotta work. bye.