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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pissed Off Chibi Black Rock Shooter- My Fan Comics

I really should post more art related stuff here, so here goes-
Not so long ago I started my little fan series POCBRS or Pissed Off Chibi Black Rock Shooter.The idea was born when I was drawing BRS on Deviantarts FANTASTIC drawing board MURO until it fricking CRASHED on me, eternally KILLING my lovely drawing of BRS. I cursed muro and gave birth to an angry chibi BRS. That folks, is POCBRS. Posted on my Deviant art, Figure.fm, and my own branch site- http://www.pocbrs.weebly.com where you may read the archieves of all the strips and art, for free. yes. 
SO GO READ. k thnx bye!

Going to Wonfes, and my first cosplay in years!!

Sup gang. I'm gonna be going to wonfes next week AND am gonna cosplay, I met up with Gixxer85 and went to Akihabara to check cosplay stores out. Fact is I haven't cosplayed in forever (like 2 years) and its the first time I'll be doing so if Frreaking Japan.
Anyways I'm gonna try cosplaying as Katsuragi Keima from The World God Only Knows! I like doing newer anime characters and the Otoshigami is like the only male role I like enough to want to cosplay as :3
Still in the works but I took a preview I guess, I'll have more once Wonfes comes around lol

I need to get a white PSP or make mine White XD;

Good ol Wonfes catalogue. Also my ticket in.

Thanks to Gixxer85 for taking me around Akiba. Check out his blog at http://www.zamsjournal.com/

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Arcade Prize: Black Rock Shooter Headphones

I don't know what it is, but this has been the second pair of headphones I've won through an arcade crane prize game machine :P check out my last prize if you haven't: http://kxela.blogspot.com/2011/01/vocaloid-style-dock-headphones.html

Won it at my usual arcade territory- the Taito Arcade Station
Black Rock Shooter Head Phones, created by Banpresto, had three color schemes of Black Green, Black Blue, and Black White, the last one is what I got. Let's check it out. :D

Says "set 4" so I guess there is another color I missed.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Reflec Beat Rhythm Game by Konami

Today I tried out Konami's fairly new rhythm game:

Vocaloid Style Dock Headphones

 ...So,  I actually got these headphones a while back, They were actually an arcade game prize (surprise!?) I won pretty easily :P I just didn't have an appropriate iPod to dock it into its special slots to get full benefit.

This is what the box looks like :3

Comiket 79 Mash Up Report

Hey gang, what's happenin? Comiket 79 has come and gone, It was one crazy week. I didn't have much time since I had to work immediately after comiket, but I can finally blog now that I'm done with New Years work. Lets get started...

This year, I met up with a couple of fellas. Some from our last venture in the summer, and also some new faces joined our party. Of Course, all otaku-like, we met up in Akihabara.