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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Applied for Comiket 78

Whew, With a little less than two weeks in advanced I sent my application for Summer Comiket 78 This morning. This is my circle cut you'll see if I make it-

Well Doujin and suff are good and all,
I've still been working on commissions and freelance jobs.
I'm still looking for ways to break into the industry, I found a
Seminar that'll be going on by rakujob.com
They're a company/group that specializes in helping people get into creative jobs.
That'll be held on the 31st, all day I'll be going and seeing if I get some good information out of it (the entrance fee is 50 bucks, but they say if you dont benefit from it you can get a full refund, though I know it'll be beneficial for me.)

Well thats what I have coming up, Comiket results come in on April so I can forget about until then (that gives me four months to prepare something if I make it in again)

thats all for now, cya!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Prize luck works in Doubles

I don't know what it is, but Yesterday I went to Akihabara and at the arcade, just like last time- I wont 2 at once, only this time it was literally two with ONE coin-

I was aiming for Yui only, And maybe Azusa which was by her but looks like Mio caught up too X3

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hatsune Miku Crane Game Prize and AVATAR

Whoot! I went to Shibuya Yesterday to watch Avatar! But before that I had lunch and tried my luck at the Taito Station Arcade Crane Games... I'm not much of a UFO Catcher Player but Today seemed to be my lucky day-

Sunday, January 17, 2010

:3 Time for more Blogging~

If you've read my previous posts, You probably know right now I've been needing to go to a wifi spot in order to blog and do other stuff (pain...real pain)

I discovered a wifi portal thing by my home, which I need to pay for to use internet, but Google associated sites I can access for free~ so free blogger and gmail for me XD yayy


Thats about it really. I plan to go out today and parts of this week to explore tokyo :3

Well, for fun I took a group Figure picture, my Nendos and Figures (I have here in Japan) and stuff together for the first time- whee!

Oh I took some other pic too huh

Went to a Korean Place yesterday and had Chige

I think I went to Shbuya Last Week, Mc Donalds were doing this funny Special Burger thing- BIG AMERICA. Featuring the Texas, New York, California, And Hawaiian Burger.

But here's the catch-
Each McDonalds has only one of the special burgers SO if you want to try them all you need to visit a different Mcdonlds for each one.
The one I came across had the Hawaiian burger so I tried it.
It was alright, nothing great or anything.
But seems like McDonalds over here does something weird every month lol

Well thats all for now! Chao!

Friday, January 8, 2010


I went to Atami with my relatives couple days ago...

Train to Atami from Yokohama Station

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tokyo Disney Sea

Tokyo Has its own Disneyland but also another Park called Disney Sea!
I went with a group of friends yesterday and took a ton of photos- check em out:

Shining Force Cross Screens and Video

Pretty Cool looking MMORPG type Game I spotted at my local arcade!

Tokyo Week 2

Well, aside from the stuff I did with my friends I did some shopping and looking around, I caught some fun stuff to report about so relax and enjoy~ Reporting on fun, food, toys, and other stuff

Lost my only pencil at Comiket. Went to Tokyu Hands Department Store. These are all Mechanical Pencils. Tough choice.

2010 New Yearsss

Akemashite Omedetou!
I`m a couple days late but hey! Better late then never!

Anyways... Its cold as its been here in Tokyo, actually today is rather warm :)

I spotted several Things about Japanese New Years Culture so lets go with that-

Friday, January 1, 2010

Winter Comiket 77 Day 3

Well Last day of Comiket.
I wasn`t sure how I felt at first but hey, it was great, I remembered what comiket is all about-

Indulging in your fandom and emptying your wallet of course.

Winter Comiket 77 day 2

Today was the DAY! Man it was an experience... here we go

Got my gear set, time to go

Comiket Day 1b- Itasha

Well as I mentioned in the last one, Itasha are those cars that are decorated with anime illustrations and stuff with decals and such. I`ve only seen one or two real ones ever, finding a parking lot full of them was neat.

C77 Day 1 Report

This entry will consist of-
Commercial Booth  photos
Stuff I bought this day.

I took a ton of Itasha pictures so that`ll be in another entry.

lets start!

Going to Winter Comiket 77 Day 1

Well here we are, The week of comiket has arrived! lets begin!