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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Phoenix wright memo

Oh right I forgot.

I beat Phoenix wright 1 and then got PW2 and then beat that also.

I have to say, PW1 was better, but the last chapter for PW2 owned all
the previous chapters.

Such a cool game.

get back in shape entry

Well I got my laptop back, good shape.
School has begun again. I have 4 classes. 1 animation, 1 video, 1 storyboard, 1...painting. yeah.
I just posted my little short 3D animation I did last quarter in my first 3D animation class on Youtube. here's my page, this is my second vid


I have such a long to do list. No I dont. I just think I do.
1. update Li NOW!
2. Contest prize sketch for Luna
3. Update starvingartists...
4. update NC
5. draw some more stuff
6. separate comic project
I should really just get to work.
My friend and I paired up to buy paints last week. Oil paints. dang it was expensive... I better come out of that class with a hell of a good painting...
I gotta make a video for video class. in 10 weeks. yup.
Well I'm all worn out from work right now. I need a nap. cya