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Monday, March 2, 2009

Megacon 2009 Chronicles...

Well, I say. The trip to, at, from Megacon is something worth recording down.
Here begins the tale of such a journey to Orlando FL in 2009...


K well, I woke up early ate breakfast and finished packing. I didnt have too much stuff since I didnt have a table at the con this weekend. My friend Dee from Ai asked if my fiends and I wanted to stay at her hotel the weekend so It turned out that I was going to drive up to Orlando with my friend carpooling.
Well, she got up late, our journey started at around...noon-ish.

Friday- (1:30pm)
Stranded in the middle of the highway (I-95), at Mile mark 97, Sitting on a blanket and sunbathing. wait what?
Well we drove an hour on the highway and the front drivers side tire- BLEW OUT. We were on the left lane so we pulled over SAFELY, no one or thing was injured. We attepted to change the blown tire with a spare tire... but we lacked a crank to do so.

Friday- (2:00pm)
well, were were next to a call box, Dee hit it while I did a worthless call to a travel service. A highway patrol came and helped us get a towing service. It cost us $50 to get a TEMPORARY TIRE (aka donut) put on our car. We had to drive to Stuart in order to find a new tire.

Friday- (3:00pm)
We drove to a walmart in Stuart, Who told us that we can get a new tire and have it done in 45 minutes. We spent 20 looking around in Walmart.

Friday- (3:20pm)
Walmart said they couldnt put the tire on because their POLICY says that they cant add tires to cars with custom rims. yeah.... so appearantly Dee's car had custom rims. yes, very tasty BS indeed.

Friday- (4:00pm)
we found a tire shop across the street, saying they could do it with no problems.
Dee called her friend Brian and we had pizza and hung out at Gamestop until the car was fixed.

Friday- (5:00-6:00pm)
Well were were back on track. Only that the car still had problems. It kept shaking and the gas wouldnt work (got stuck) when ever we tried to go around 70 on the turnpike.
We endured it, but it was another problem we had to fix later.

Friday- (8:00pm)
Well after getting lost at Downtown, we finally found our way to the hotel. Simon came a little afterwards (party= 3 ppl) We were walking bout a quarter ways to the con when we hitched a bicycle bench rickshaw peddler, which we rode nicely to the con. Peddling Paul was his name.

Friday- (9:00pm)
We met up with chris (:iconpawpaw:) at Megacon (party=4) , which was of course pretty much over already. We hung out where they had a huge projector and had a PS3 with Naruto ninja storm and had a little tournament we were all forced to join. There was a Pedobear cosplayer who handed out Yo-yo's to everyone, I had some fun messing around with the yoyos.

Friday...er Saturday- (12:00am)
We had dinner at Bahama Beach or whatever the restaurant was called. It was pretty good. I had Shrimp Linguine and Dee and I split a Key lime cheese cake.

Saturday (2:00-4:00am)
WE made Magic the gathering decks from a bunch of cards Dee brought and did a epic 4 player free for all duel. Dee won. Simon was 2nd, I was third, Chris was first out.
We went to bed at four, though it did take about 30 minutes for us to actually fall asleep.

Saturday (8:00am)
Chris had the nerve to wake me up THIS EARLY. We walked to Walgreens to get some drinks and medicine....cause Chris felt a bit sick. We made Cup Ramen with the Coffee machine that we had to ask the hotel to bring to our room (there wasnt one initially).

Saturday (10:00am)
Well, Chris didnt want to walk to the con even if it was less than a mile away so we took the car. We were dressed up. I was Zero (Code Geass), Chris was a Jedi, and Simon was a martial arts dude. We split up there after.

Saturday (til 4)
Well I did some browsing, found some cool stuff, got a gundam model (00Raiser). I went to the artist alley but didnt get to see many familiars that day. I went by :iconsakura02:'s table to hand her a Li book she wanted to get but turns out she was sick. I handed the book to her friends and wished them well.

I played DDR in my Zero outfit (no mask but still)

I ran into a Code Geass Cosplay group, There was a Kallen, C.C., Kaguya, Rakshata, and me Zero. Took some cool pictures. I was gonna have lunch with them but Simon and his new formed party wanted to go to the Costume Contest. I joined. Heard Chris left to the hotel cause he really wasnt feeling well.

Satuday (7:00pm)
Well the Costume Contest... was a costume contest. We waited in line for a good hour to get in. It was ok, not anything special. They did have a raffle for the audience, but of course like hell I would win. With our empty hands we left after seeing who won the frickin Frost Sword.

Saturday (8:30pm)
We went to Mcdonalds. Simon and I wanted Fast food. I had a Quarter Pounder.

Saturday (9:30pm)
Well it was time to part with Chris and Simon, they were only planning to stay on Saturday anyways. They left and Chris also "left" his phone charger at the hotel. We were soon joined by two of Dee's friends Brian (from stuart who decided to come Saturday) and another friend. They stayed at the hotel and hung out, I wanted to check out the Rave.

Saturday (10:30pm)
I almost got in. But the Rave room was packed and they enforced a line to get with all these security guards. I decided to just walk around til the line got smaller but it didn't. I waited in line for a half an hour to an hour to get in. Although I did win a glow stick when they were doing a trivia for the people waiting. I answered correctly "where did the original caramell dansen DANCE come from?" ... haha

Saturday (11:30pm)
I got to rave for a hour maybe. I met a friend/fellow Code Geass cosplayer (no I wasnt in costume for the Rave) that a have met at like all previous cons I've been to. I didnt know she Raved but it was fun to be able to dance around with someone I knew.

Saturday/Sunday (12:00am)
I was out. Beat. Slept as soon as I walked back to the hotel.

Sunday (8:00am)
The four of us went to the lobby to get breakfast. I had some coffee and a apple cinnamon muffin.

Sunday (10:00am)
Check out from the hotel was at noon. We decided to run out early. Dee had to see what was wrong with her car. The other three of us went searching for a Wachovia bank for a whole half hour but only to turn around and go back. I was dropped off at the con.

Sunday (1:00pm)
Well, I did more last minute browsing. I got some manga, some Knightmare figures, and some Higurashi mini figures. After a while I met up with Dee, who told me the other two left already (party = 2) She said she was meeting another one of her friends soon.

Sunday (3:00pm)
well Dee met up with her friend and went off to the dealers room. I read my manga i bought and headed to the dealers room as well. I went to the artist alley again and looked around and found some cool stuff. I saw :iconcetriya: at her table finally, she was gone the last three times I went to see her.

I had to go meet one of Chris's friends and hand him the charger her forgot at the hotel.

I met up with some CG cosplayers again, and we took some more pictures.
the total amount of People that wanted my picture: 70+

Sunday (6:00)
I met up with Dee and three of her friends, we decided to have dinner before going so we went to Houlihans. They had pretty good food. Our other party members were school mates studying Graphic Design. I had a awesome chicken wrap with a couple of beers XD;

After that we met up with friends of their friends and went to friendly's for icecream.
Spent some good time there.

Sunday (9:00)
Well, it sure wasnt the choicest time to be traveling for 4 hours, but I had to get back by today. So we left. A juggle with the GPS and getting lost, we finally found our way to I-4 and then to I-95. It was cold, Dee's car has no heater. But we chatted away and listened to music then switched after a while.

Monday (1:30am)
Running out of gas, stopped at West Palm to fill up. Dee was asleep.
Just another half hour til home.

Monday (2:00am)
Finally home. Said bye to Dee and then was greeted by my brother who wanted to see what I got for him. I unpacked all, put up my toys i bought, read Kekkaishi, and went to bed.

Monday (1:30pm)
Damn, I over slept and was late to class. But I was cool about it. It all turned out well.

Monday (3:00pm)
I'm typing this journal and uh...OMG someones attacking meh.....


well thats the Chronicals of Megacon 2009.
My fingers are numb now cause the computer lab is freezing cold.
and I need some food now.

I will update this journal with links to pics and stuff later.

thanks for reading lol