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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 New Yearsss

Akemashite Omedetou!
I`m a couple days late but hey! Better late then never!

Anyways... Its cold as its been here in Tokyo, actually today is rather warm :)

I spotted several Things about Japanese New Years Culture so lets go with that-

The Japanese have a tradtion of going to the Jinja (Temple/shrine) on New Years to Pray (called Hatsumoude, first visit) and do other activities. On New Years Day this Place had a huge line, I didn`t bother going in. Couple days later though people were still doing it as seen above.

Long Path to the entrance

To the Side of the Jinja

Lots of homes and Shops had this Ornament hanging at their door

Ozouni is a traditional soup eaten during New Years, It varies from place to place but mainly has veggies and Mochi in the soup. I ate too much this day.

Finally, I went to Daiei (big 7 floor department store) at buy some books and they were having a Garapon Lottery/prize drawing thing. You`ve seen it before probably, you spin that Octogon shaped thing and a little ball pops out, and depending on the color you get a prize.

I wanted to try but found out you get a ticket to try it for every 5000yen you send (50 bucks), yeah, I only spent about 1500 yen.

They had some candy as consolation prizes I guess lol

Well, thats all the stuff about new years I got, 2010, we got a big year ahead of us, lets make the best of it!

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