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Saturday, May 16, 2009


Some of you have seen my demo reel on youtube.
Thanks for the many comments

however that was NOt the final version-
you can watch the "complete and graded and hopefully will get me out of college"
version at my website- Kxela.com. Just follow the links. It's the first and bigger video in quick time format. If your connection is good it should play nicely and in Decent quality.

well you've heard it now. I'm done with my demo.
All I have to do is make DVD's of it to send to companies and stuff I guess.

meaning I have more time to...OMG.. "draw"

Seriously, this last several months I'v been INKING every frame of my minute and a half
animation (counting....several hundred drawings)....
Literally Tracing all those drawings you've ALREADY drawn once? yeah it was a pain... but I got it done.

ANyways I've touched my sketchbook a few days ago for the first time in God knows when...
I've got a commission and drawings and *gasp* Comic pages I can finally get to again.

...But I'm guilty of wasting my time on other things.
Such as- Learning to play the guitar again. I never stuck to it long enough to get "good".
I took my first lessons in highschool- an elective class. Then took private lessons in Washington which only lasted three months cause I had to move.
And after we moved here... like a year ago some damn theives broke into our home and stole a bunch of stuff- including my electric guitar. ;_; .... I've never missed it so much. Luckily those fags decided one E-guitar and one Bass was enough, they didnt steal my poor acoustic guitar. Sigh, they looked good next to each other. But my Acoustic is my favorite. So I've been playing that everyday little bit by bit- guess that enough, within a week my fingers are starting to harden up :3 I sped through the guitar lesson books- I've learned a ton within this time frame.

but yeah, just a little.

Watching K-On has nothing to do with this. <- lie

ahem anyways.

thats all.
I'll be opening commissions up again soon, so
if you want- start thinking of what.

k cya!