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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Applied for Comiket 78

Whew, With a little less than two weeks in advanced I sent my application for Summer Comiket 78 This morning. This is my circle cut you'll see if I make it-

Well Doujin and suff are good and all,
I've still been working on commissions and freelance jobs.
I'm still looking for ways to break into the industry, I found a
Seminar that'll be going on by rakujob.com
They're a company/group that specializes in helping people get into creative jobs.
That'll be held on the 31st, all day I'll be going and seeing if I get some good information out of it (the entrance fee is 50 bucks, but they say if you dont benefit from it you can get a full refund, though I know it'll be beneficial for me.)

Well thats what I have coming up, Comiket results come in on April so I can forget about until then (that gives me four months to prepare something if I make it in again)

thats all for now, cya!


Cetriya said...

check this link out, they have internships and hope it helps some how: http://www.bandainamcogames.co.jp/job/eo/index.html

B-ichise said...

so cute.