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Friday, January 1, 2010

Comiket Day 1b- Itasha

Well as I mentioned in the last one, Itasha are those cars that are decorated with anime illustrations and stuff with decals and such. I`ve only seen one or two real ones ever, finding a parking lot full of them was neat.

As I was walking towards the exit I found an area I never saw last time...

Cars with people gathered around them....

Wow! Classic Car Itasha o.o

Vocaloid Jeeep

Dolfies in the rear

That Classic car even has the back nicely designed

There was a tent with an article displayed about the history of Itasha

Nomnom Tacos!


Motocycles, sweet

Miku Nendo Plush Plus riding

Leaving the area

One final snap of the K-on van

Normal Bike Parking lot...

There was this weird Saw thing by Big Sight. snaped it weird Saw thing by Big Sight. snaped it cause it was weird.

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