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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Shibuya and Akihabara

(I wanna get to Comiket, but I had these blogs in mind first)

Well few days ago I wrote a blog saying I`m going to Akihabara so I`ll be going over that...

This here is the street infront of my station- Toritsu-Daigaku

Its pretty darn cold in Japan right now, I like it though cause all the hot food tastes great. Even the vending machines provide hot drinks.

Warm coffee....

Here I snap a view of the Meguro area from the actual station. Nice day it was.

Shibuya can be defined with one word: CITY. No matter when or what time you go, its pretty crowded with tons of people.

Especially near the station

And for good reason too, they got a ton of stores from department stores to Starbucks to Kinkos, you name it!

usual city view in the afternoon. I`ll post some night pics down this blog.

Well after taking some pics I jump back into the Shibuya station, to take the Yamanote line. The Yamanote line is a circular train track that loops around the Tokyo Metro Area. So if you fall asleep in the train for two hours you`ll end up at the station you got on! lol It goes both directions so you can hop off and back on if you miss a stop.

Like this.
Its cool how they show everything in english too for the foreign visitors.

Like so.

The closer to Akiba you get, the more anime ads you see.

Streets of Akihabara. Lots of  electic shops, hobby shops, manga shops, anime goods stores, game centers and more. oh yes, Maid and other type cafes too.

Well I hung out at Toranoana, a big two sided Doujinshi and Doujin Goods store. Just like they show in some anime :B I was gonna buy the comiket catalog but didnt feel like carrying around that brick.

for lunch I went to Curykichi a curry restaurant. I`ve grown fond of this place. Oh hey look, KFC by it.

They run ramen shop style where you order through a machine and hand the guys your order tickets.

Ahh nothing quite as filling as Katsu-Curry.

Ad for Fate/Stay Night movie. Awesome.

Wow, Oh My Goddess is gonna be 20. Fujishima sensei has been drawing that comic since I was two! :O

Going home in the evening, went by Shibuya again, this time all lit up.

Shibuya 109, popular trend clothes shop. Never actually been in.

Shibuya Center Street. Always crowded with people.

Flood of people crossing the multi-crosswalk.

Well that ended my day, I actually went to a little figure shop and nabed myself some puchi nendoroids, the unsold and not as popular Meiko and Neru vocaloids, for the price of 1000yen! :D

So, Comiket begins tomorrow....(If this were posted on Dec. 28th)

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