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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tokyo Week 2

Well, aside from the stuff I did with my friends I did some shopping and looking around, I caught some fun stuff to report about so relax and enjoy~ Reporting on fun, food, toys, and other stuff

Lost my only pencil at Comiket. Went to Tokyu Hands Department Store. These are all Mechanical Pencils. Tough choice.

Mr. Bushido`s Gundam (gundam00)

Perfect Grade 00 Raiser. *w*

Saw the Dsi LL for real O.o BIG

mm wine red

Found a Kotobukiya Store in Akiba. Nothing I wanted :P

Time for some Foooods. McDonalds Japan special Chicken Tatsuta, which is marinated Chicken, fried.

twas pretty good.

One night I went to Sukiya, super cheap Gyuudon place. Nice Beef Bowl for less than four bucks.

This just beats any fast food place.

This Ramen Shop has a special ramen- Cheese Ramen (Tonkotsu base). Limited to 200 per day.

I wasnt sure at first, but since everyone else was being adventurous, I did too. Stangely enough, it was a good combination! The cheese was a bit too much though at the end when I tried to drink the soup. Half the cheese would be perfect.

Their menu was in Amazing Engrish too.

I went to the Game Center near bu my place, Surprisingly enough they added some new stuff. Like this Quiz Magical Academy quiz arcade game that I like :D

Seems like sega released a new arcade game- Shining Force Cross. The game looked so nice I tried it out.
Nice Graphics and everything. Its a hack and slash MMO type game.
I`ll do a blog entry about it.

Well thats all the fun stuff I had to talk about for now :3
Finally getting some time again, so hopefully I can get back to art from today~

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