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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Shining Force Cross Screens and Video

Pretty Cool looking MMORPG type Game I spotted at my local arcade!

The pretty Cabinet

200 yen per seems a bit tough, but its pretty fun. Five buttons and a Joystick AND Touchscreen

Looks like you can play by yourself, LAN, or Online.

Name Input Screen

During Gameplay there was a cutscene but I didnt get it at a nice time.

You can customize you character Guy or Girl, with about 5 different Looks (hair, skin, face) and voices

You can edit you character every game, but you need to choose a permanent gender the first time. I went with guy.

Play Card for your character Info costs 300yen (three bucks)
Game Manuals are everywhere around the cabinets.

Intro Video! You can barely hear the audio from my camera, but its Nana Mizuki Singing.


Anonymous said...

where did you buy that? I would like to purchase one of those very badly.
email me at josblch744@yahoo.com
and please let me know where, because I cannot find this system anywhere.

Kxela said...

I took these at an arcade :P I don't have the cabinet system itself.