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Sunday, January 17, 2010

:3 Time for more Blogging~

If you've read my previous posts, You probably know right now I've been needing to go to a wifi spot in order to blog and do other stuff (pain...real pain)

I discovered a wifi portal thing by my home, which I need to pay for to use internet, but Google associated sites I can access for free~ so free blogger and gmail for me XD yayy


Thats about it really. I plan to go out today and parts of this week to explore tokyo :3

Well, for fun I took a group Figure picture, my Nendos and Figures (I have here in Japan) and stuff together for the first time- whee!

Oh I took some other pic too huh

Went to a Korean Place yesterday and had Chige

I think I went to Shbuya Last Week, Mc Donalds were doing this funny Special Burger thing- BIG AMERICA. Featuring the Texas, New York, California, And Hawaiian Burger.

But here's the catch-
Each McDonalds has only one of the special burgers SO if you want to try them all you need to visit a different Mcdonlds for each one.
The one I came across had the Hawaiian burger so I tried it.
It was alright, nothing great or anything.
But seems like McDonalds over here does something weird every month lol

Well thats all for now! Chao!

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