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Friday, January 1, 2010

Winter Comiket 77 Day 3

Well Last day of Comiket.
I wasn`t sure how I felt at first but hey, it was great, I remembered what comiket is all about-

Indulging in your fandom and emptying your wallet of course.

Well I took it easy once again and left for comiket at 7 in the morning, I bought my lunch and went to Mcdonalds to get a Egg Mcmuffin breakfast.

In Japan they wrap everything nice and neatly for you- even the orange juice you order

This Mcdonalds bag will be my comiket partner until it dies today

LESS people on day 3? Hardly.

I went to the west wing first on this day, it was a mistake. It was all mainly sports stuff, Nanoha, or visual novel stuff. I like some visual novels but its not my biggest thing so i didnt find anything I want.
what i wanted was the original artists/popular artists. Unlike summer comiket though they seemed to have placed all of them in the east building this time. Here I`m in line for POP/electromagnetic wave.

this is how far the east wing is from the west

I didn`t take as many pictures this day because I was too busy looking around, It took me about two hours to get through HALF of the east wing and then I scarmbled until the last minute in the other I scarmbled until the last minute in the other half of the East wing.

For Lunch I had bread and sandwich packs. Melon Cream Bread for dessert. It was quite good.

Well, with this many books I was carrying around, that paper Mcdonalds bag finally tore in the middle of the hallway. Luckily the arts merchandise booth was real close

I bought this lil blue bag to help me home with my books

Right before finishing up my table I did a quick relay around the east hall the last ten minutes before comiket closed to buy stuff. The circle I was looking forward to buying their new book didnt have their new book ready. I found another artist I liked, the top half of the books in this picture were from him. The CD there is a game by another artist/blogger that I follow

This is my goldmine for the final day

Some amazng artists I found: POP/Electromagnetic Wave, White Paper, Range Murata, abe Yoshitoshi, and this other guy

These four were other ones I was happy to find, Little Hamlet/Kiira is one I follow online, the top right corner and bottom left ones I found at the corner and bottom left ones I found at the last comiket (I was really happy to find meruhen Chocolate [bottom left] at the last minute) and the last one was by the girl who draws Danny Choo`s Character Mirai-chan! I was like....wow this looks so familiar. I asked the girl watching her table (since the artist wasnt there) if she table (since the artist wasnt there) if she does draw Mirai-chan and she said oh yes! I bought this doujinshi, its so frickin adorable and good! I need to follow her now.

Last but not least, I found some great art books. eye popping illustrations.

BEHOLD- application for Comiket 78. This summer. Deadline in Febrary.
Must apply....

Lastly, I bought the new Yotsubato! vol.9 at a bookstore after I parted from Marina and her BF on day two. That man did an incredible job again. His style is changing a bit, but for the good.

And that concludes my choronicals of Comiket77

I was burnt out after day two, but was rejuvenanted after seeing all this amazing art. Really Comiket is a place to show your work, but also to see work and be inspired. Even though this event is over now, its just the beginning, I`ll need to keep pressing forward with every inspiration I get.

gah my 30 minutes are up, gotta run! bye!


Mun-Yeen said...

I find myself eating McDonalds in other countries other than the one I usually dwell in. XD

Great report. Hope you have a safe trip back home.

Kxela said...

Its like- oh look! A McDonalds! lol