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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mizucon report

End of the year con, two days after Christmas, Mizucon was rather bland.
Sure I wasnt expecting anything amazing from a first time con but it was a bit disappointing, and the facts show they did a couple of things to achieve such a result.

1- date. Yeah, not the best time to have a con. THey thought otherwise according to their site. Plus it was a Sat-Mon con. I think that threw everyone off. They did it probably cause they didnt want to have the event right after Christmas, but I think it might have been better if they did.
2- THere was so little to do there. dealers room, 1 videogame room, 1 panel room, 1 main event room, 2 videorooms, and oh yesh, artist alley. Sounds alright, but the placement of them was a facepalm... They put the artist alley by the videorooms rather than the dealers room. And who exactly goes to the anime viewing rooms?- people who start to get bored, at least to me. The flow of people in the artist alley was terrible, there probably was less than 10 people max in the alley (who werent artists).

....that about wraps it up. I did just barely okay with the booth, no one asked for comissions but the new stuff sold a bit.
I forgot part of my costume on sunday so I didnt enter the contest. THough actually remembering the stress from the last con made me not want to enter in the first place. I was Student Lulu day 1, Zero day 2, and then Student Lulu with the cape and helmet on day 3. I didnt take pictures, but people did. I'll look for them.

The dealers room was pretty cool, not awesome, but they had some decent dealers (saw some friends) and had some nice sales. I got
a couple of import magazines and some fun toys, and 1 Kekkaishi manga.

I didnt even step in the game room.

Food there was typical, wasnt prepare Saturday.

IT was pretty disappointing, even Yasumicon which is free to attend was better than $35 weekend pass Mizucon.

But otherwise as I said I want expecting anything extra extravagant, I had fun seeing fellow friends and artists
After all thats what the point has become- to hang out...
though it could have been better.

Lets try harder next time Mizucon!

ON a brighter note, my next confirmed sorta con is Hatsume Fair
at the Morikami Museums in March. The best part is, I live like 10 minutes away from there. It sounds like its gonna be fun, Morikami's events are usually full of people, and having an anime portion sounds like a great idea.

time to get back to work.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Pre-Mizucon weeekend Madness~

Heading off to Mizucon.
Tomorrow. o_o
Wait what itsnt it friday today?

Mizucon is from Dec 27-29. Thats a Saturday through monday schedule.
Talk about weird. I gotta work today to make up for getting off on monday then -3-
but I needs the money.

LOL I was all rushing this morning printing everything. Then I wrote down the date and was like ".....Dec 26?" then I ran to the postcard ad of mizucon I have on my bulletin board. "Dec 27-29" I just about fainted.

Well at least now I have everything about prepared, I can relax tomorrow morning and head out smoothly.

Speaking of which some weird things happened this morning.
I was at Kinkos and I wanted to get some of my arts printed for prints. Then the lady looks at my stuff and was like "did you download this/get this from somewhere" and then I said "I made it" and then even more she asks "is this your signature" on my works.

-3- I dunno whether to feel complimented or insulted. Either I've gotten good enough for people to think that my work looks like some other pros, or I've been accused of stealing art.

Well, she didnt really look like a Kinkos worker. She was in casual clothes and not in the usual uniform. No wonder she was a bit weird. Cause usually the dudes Kinkos just DO THEIR JOB and MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS instead of sticking their heads where it shouldnt go.

man, I sound pissed. Maybe cause its not con day today :<

oh well. after work I can spend the day making last minute new arts or play Mabinogi (the MMO by Nexon that I've been playing)

Friday, December 19, 2008

2008 closing

I've finished my classes for this year!! ^_^ WHich means I have only 2 quarters left til graduation. I took my print portfolio class this quarter, next quarter (actually, from now) I need to work on my demo reel.

I was complimented on my logo's graphic design. Because I made a nice logo all my presentational stuff like resumes, biz card came out nice. maybe I should look in to honing my graphics skills.

-3- Lost invisible update 2. 3 more pages til I switch back to NC. going smoothly I guess.

I got lotsa art I wanna make this winter break. Mizucon is right around the corner too. man even without school I'm buzy~

Looking for jobs. I dunno if I'm staying in the US or going to Japan after graduation. Japan sounds great, but I wonder about the pay from animation jobs. SUddenly...actually, I take that back. Man my student loans starting to hurt me X.x
If I can work in the US or here in FL for a little before going to Japan it might actually help my chances of getting hired over there. cause no one wants a fresh graduate without experience from another country? ...I'll have to find a job one place or another.

I bought Kakitorikun DS, a Kanji study game. waiting for it in the mail :3

well thats all for today I guess. Man I want more commissions.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Webcomic updation

-3- feeling a little better but still got coughs.

I updated Li today. For this sixth time this Year.
Man thats bad, 1 update a month, 6times for each comic.
where am I gonna go like that!?

Well as I posted I'm going to start update 5-5-5-5
meaning five Li pages, then 5 Nc pages, etc.

that way I'll have my mind on one story for long enough
before I switch instead of having to switch every page.
I've taken up using the nib/ink dip pen. It's pretty nice,
...well it comes out nice. Having to dip it every so often and
then needing to clean the pen before taking a rest is a bit
rough but its worth it. The Jerry's near our place sells manga
nibs, nib holders, comic ink, and that stuff, even copics :D <3

I have finals this-next week... for 3D dynamics, I've pretty much have about
70% of it done just gotta get the 30% of my scene done and spend a couple days
rendering. hope my computer holds up.

Mizucon is in few weeks! I need to do more fanart and make prints and buttonzzz X_x

Saturday, December 6, 2008

December 2008~

Well I'm back to using this blog thing I guess,
new design, layout, awesome stuff.

I'm in my... 3rd before last quarter at AIFL,
I'm taking my portfolio preperation class and 3D dynamics and particles class.

So far, both have been pretty easy.
I really need to focus on making my demo reel, but i'm having a hard time
making a 30sec-1min story, cause I want my reel to have a story which is recommended.

all my stories end up coule minutes at least, the one I want to do-
I've storyboarded half of it and I can already tell its 2~4 minutes.ugh
but I think I can get rid of half of it and make it work.
...(i still want to make the entire story though...)

I've been wanting to draw STUFF, but I've had all this other STUFF to rearrange and organize that by the time i finish it's always already 2am when I want to start drawing. my hands dead by then. correction: my brains dead by then.

BUt I have been working on the animation that I made last quarter, which has been named "wings" til now, the official name is "Angel for a day" or "Angel Day". When I turned it in it lacked BGM, and only had tidbits of sound effects. Few days ago I did some sound hunting online and found the stuff I needed to finish that animation. I'm done with it completely as far as I can do in ToonBoom, all I need to do is make a youtube able video (youtube seems to hate quicktime animations, well actually, all programs besides quicktime seems to hate them, which is a pity cause quicktime renders so beautifully). ANyways, I finally got it made into a AVI, which I can put on a DVD... to show people who've been wanting to see my work. -3-
but now FLASH is being a pain, all the AVI renders for "Confidence" comes out pretty bad... I have to wait until school to use after affects or something to convert it to AVI nicely (...I'm downloading converts too, tonight).

so if this was all Blah Blah Blah to you fine, I'll get you to the visuals:


"confidence" and a Messed up version of "angel day" is there.

you can see the flash versions here:


k, back to work