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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Akiba Loot 3/26

Well, after browsing around Tokyo Anime Fair, I left at around 2pm.

Kokusaitenjijo-station, plastered with ads as usual

TAF: New Good Smile Company Figures and others

...Continuing from the Tokyo Anime Fair Post...
The Front Side of this section Featured Black Rock Shooter-
The new anime and new figures to be released:

Tokyo Anime Fair 2010 (March 26th)

Sometimes when you're down, its best to just geek out to the max...SO-

Tokyo Anime Fair this week! I found out yesterday and attended the 
business day! (You need to over 18 and have business cards to get in on Thursday and Friday)
Saturday and Sunday are the general public day, so if you want to attend you still can!

(glad I went today, Probably will be at least 3 times crowded during the public days)

All right here we go with the overview~ 

Sign in front of the Big Sight Entrance!

Friday, March 5, 2010

WiMax Wifi Wireless Internet

Hey gang, gone are my day of scrambling around to find a wifi-signal where ever I go-
behold, I have gotten the WiMax Wifi service!:

Some of you may have heard this, there's a fairly popular commercial for it:

This commercial wasn't all that much of an influence to me though.