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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Comiket is Tomorrow! Lets meet!

EDIT: K it's decided! Meets at the panasonic building at 3-4! December 29th! I'll be there by Three so all you gotta do is show up! I'm expecting a couple people, but I'll welcome unexpected people too, so see ya there if you're coming!

K well, I invited couple of you to come along with me, mainly for my table on day two but, It`s probably best to meet up BEFORE day 2 since well, its almost impossible to meet up again once INSIDE comiket.

Here is the Route I am taking to Comiket all three days:
(click to enlarge)

I take the りんかいRinkai Line from 大崎Osaki all the way to 国際展示場 Kokusaitenjijo

I`m not sure if you guys take the Yurikamome line from the other side, but that station is right across from mine.

So when meeting up the first thing that came to my mind was the convinence store right next to the Kokusaitenjijo staion:

But that would only be good if all of us were taking the Rinkai line here...

Then I thought of meeting at some other places-

  • The convinience store

  • The vending machines in the open area

  • some tree in the open area

  • The panasonic building.

I made a poll above this journal, Answer it!

Suddenly I think the Panasonic Building would be an awesome place to meet.
First its clearly visible, second its written in English so anyone can read it.

Hmm so how about that?
It might be best to meet AFTER comiket than BEFORE
on the first day since the lines are insane.

...I need input but how about around 3-4:00 make the meeting place at the Panasonic Building, underneath the Panasonic Sign on the building like the photo above?

December 29th, 3:00-4:00 @ the panasonic building after Comiket

I`ll get in contact with you guys.

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