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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Going through Airport hell

Today was absolutely a day of unreal craziness for me... Some how though, I seemed to have had miracles turnabout thanks to my quick critical thinking... Let's start.

So I was actually still waiting on my books (the doujinshi and art books). I had a hell of a time trying to contact Lulu since they practically have NO Customer Service. After going through emails, forums, facebook, I finally got to their Twitter where I was able to get my word through. Well one package of the three I ordered was sent on Tuesday and I was expecting only that. But to my amazement lulu actually kept their word and sent my other two packages last minute through overnight delivery. So today as I was packing up I frantically waited and stalked my Fedex tracking numbers. well after I left to get a hair cut I come home and see a note on the door, from fedex... But no packages. It said delivered to front door but... I was panicking.

Well by checking the number I figured out it was a week old delivery notice to my brother, who appearantly left that dumb note on our door the entire time (we don't use our front door much, which is why)

Well after doing some art therapy to relieve my stress finally the Fedex truck arrives at two. I was jumping out of my chair when ever I heard the sound of a squeaking truck, those garbage collectors really annoyed me today.

All three packages arrived, meaning instead of half a stock of books, I have double now. Great, more stuff to sell at comiket, more stuff to pack too. Some how I managed to stuff it all in my tiny two suitcases (hates large suitcases after last trip)
.. Then I couldn't find my flight info paper so I had to unpack my laptop again to print it out ... lol trouble to the end.......but this isn't the end

Side Note- I seriously didnt think the books were going to make it, so I ended making some copybon (books made with a copier) at kinkos these couple of days...

My favorite FedEx Office, Better quality and service than anywhere else.

The Copier I used for my copy versions of Touhou Blaze.

Airport Hell

So yeah, my mom drove and dropped me off at the airport and said a quick goodbye. From here I am on my own.

After Checking in with self service was then told-
"your flight (6:00) is delayed to 8:45. If you take that flight to Dallas now, you might not make the connecting flight to LA"

... WTF
So basically I was told to go home or gamble the chances at making it to LA (where my transfer towards Tokyo is)...

I gambled and said I'm going. There is no way I am backing off now after the half a years work I put in to making it this far (comiket lottery acceptance and troubles, making the books, fighting lulu).

During a ridiculous five hour wait I used my head and ploted a plan B just in case my gamble fails.
Since All I need to do is get to LA by 11am tomorrow morning I thought if I could take an alternate route there instead of risking being stuck in snowy Dallas. I searched expedia for a flight from palm beach to LA...There was one by Air Trac first to Atlanta, then to LA, at 7:30. But that would mean I would have to buy a new ticket. I pondered about it til 6:30.

Then low and behold, the delayed flight first gets pushed back YET AGAIN... To ridiculous 10:00 pm - which means zero chance of making it to The Dallas flight to LA.

Oh no, it doesn't end there- A few minutes later, the entire flight was CANCELED. I joined the angry mob yelling at American Airlines, but they were totally like "noooo were working on christmas so screw you. Here's a number to rebook or get a refund."

Oh I'm gonna get a refund alright, but not until I complete this journey!!!!!
It was 6:50 when they announced the cancelations, I took my plan B and ran to get my bag from bag claim, ran back up to ticketing, quickly asked for the route to LA by Air Tran (which I've never heard of or taken before) miraculously they had openings. I got my tickets ($300 which I'm going to demand back from American Airlines for making me do this) time was 7:00, I ran to security, striped off my stuff, quickly went through, ran down to the gate and made it.

Amazing. I am the only one who found my way around American Airlines EPIC FAIL inconvinience.

Not too much later, I'm flying to Georgia. Two hour flight, a bit late.
You'd think I had my share of troubles today- wrong. I had 20 minutes to get off the plan run all then way across the airport (I wanted to take pics but had no time) and make it to my gate. I made it four minutes til departure.

As I sat wheezing on my seat, a crowd of people slowly enter the plane. We didn't leave for another ten or twenty minutes.
So much unnecessary running today, the airport felt like a marathon track....

Well, I sit here on my five hour flight to LA, typing this on my iPod touch. Saving it as a draft to post later. Good way to kill time and rant a ton at the same time.

Air Tran Soda and `gourmet` Pretzels

I am so burnt out. Will update again soon.

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