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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pissed Off Chibi Black Rock Shooter- My Fan Comics

I really should post more art related stuff here, so here goes-
Not so long ago I started my little fan series POCBRS or Pissed Off Chibi Black Rock Shooter.The idea was born when I was drawing BRS on Deviantarts FANTASTIC drawing board MURO until it fricking CRASHED on me, eternally KILLING my lovely drawing of BRS. I cursed muro and gave birth to an angry chibi BRS. That folks, is POCBRS. Posted on my Deviant art, Figure.fm, and my own branch site- http://www.pocbrs.weebly.com where you may read the archieves of all the strips and art, for free. yes. 
SO GO READ. k thnx bye!

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