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Friday, January 7, 2011

Comiket 79 Mash Up Report

Hey gang, what's happenin? Comiket 79 has come and gone, It was one crazy week. I didn't have much time since I had to work immediately after comiket, but I can finally blog now that I'm done with New Years work. Lets get started...

This year, I met up with a couple of fellas. Some from our last venture in the summer, and also some new faces joined our party. Of Course, all otaku-like, we met up in Akihabara. 

Vroom. Prize "E" from the Lucky Star Lottery Prize. 

I think Oreimo had some influence, but we checked out the Gundam Cafe. They had 00 character themed drinks.

...and this rather emotion-less haro roll cake. lol

With a little provoking, our crew ended up doing an all-nighter waiting in line. I think we headed there around  midnight. As we knew that the Corporate booths are the best thing to aim on day one, that's what we targetted. 

I was initially sent to the Pixiv Booth. As an artist I just seem to prioritize this booth... although you don't have to be so desperate to get stuff from this booth.

Strange thing though, I felt like there wasn't as many people at this Comiket as there usually is...or at least compared to the hell of a Comiket it was last Summer.

The lines however, we're long long long as EVER.

Several Booths appealing to the new and popular anime like IndexII, Oreimo, World god only knows, etc etc.


Elevators leaving the Corporate Booths West Hall

I like seeing these new posters every time <3


Stood longest in Line to get this Elsy iPhone 4 cover! Love it <3

One of us was scheming to steal this poster in the train station.... not me, of course lol

Day 2! Didn't need to line up, for I was a circle participant!
Met up with my fellow Uriko (table helpers) around 8ish

Crowds flooding out of the Kokusaitenjijyo Station and also the Sunkus by it...


Fellow Team mate.

Golden Entry Tickets. They're Blue this time.

No Rushing, Comiket hasn't even begun yet.

Back View of My Table~

Front view of my table~

Well, most of it is Recycled from my last endevor at Comiket 77 

But, at least I got my new book done. :)

Left Over badges...and other goods. No new goods this time.

My Sign for this Comiket :D

Met the artist Kurot last time... but when I went to see them (around 2) they were already gone.;_;

Yes, I was at the right table too.

But we met lots of cool dudes, friends of fellow friends.

Returning Comiket Fighters, and fellow artists I met online.

Last Day we decided to scout out and see where the "real" line of Comiket began.
We hung out at Odaiba until the time came...

Snapshot I took on the mostly empty Monorail.

Turns out the line began before 11:30pm, by the time we found it, I'd say about 300 people were already in line. We did end up pretty far ahead, camping on the top section of Big Sight though. We were able to visit Family mart frequently that night.

Well, Sad to say, I didn't get any Cosplay pics. -_-
But you can search out other blogs for that I guess. It's not like I have a DSLR to take nicer photos with anyways.


As usual my spending was mostly on Doujin stuff.

And I was pretty happy with my finds too.

Some awesome stuff worth mentioning- Tinker Bell, Chibi Miku, Kei, Huke, White Paper, m.m.m. Works.

Black Rock Shooter Anthology Artbook and Pixiv-tan Vol. 3 from the Pixiv Booth

got this AWESOME shirt from the Rondo Robe Booth, A collab between Abe Yoshitoshi and Azuma Kiyohiko. Both are of my Favorite Artists. Could not resist.

Can't wait to wear it out. lol

Of course, I'll be entering my lottery ticket into Comiket 80 >:3 

And lastly shout out to Yo-Chaosangel of Deviantart. We did a book trade and everything. It was good meeting ya. Hope to see you again :D

Well, that was my little blog dump of Comiket. It was alright this time.
I was totally unprepared and unmotivated as a circle group. The shock hit me pretty hard when I found out I didn't make it in to Comiket 78. So I was kinda in disbelif when I found I made it in this time.

2010 was a hecktic year, so much crazy stuff happened. This year I hope to put focus back into my art and be able to do better in the next comiket. Well then, until next time folks!

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