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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Good Smile Cafe: Panty and Stocking Themed

This week I visited the Good Smile Cafe Featuring Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Theme twice.
Be warned, picture intense post:

Teh Sign

Special Themed Menu

Good Smile? Employee taking out trash.

The Sweet Sweet Menu

Promo Cards given to all

Nicely decored Tables

Meal Mat provided, take it home for a nice poster!

Chuck and Fastener Stickers all over the floor

"Geekboy" Parfait

B*tch and Cherry? Bathrooms

Figures here and there...

Watching you use the restroom...


And down they go.


The Cafe Kitchen

Even the Ceilings had awesomeness covered

Great Nendo Wall

Promo Vid Repeatedly Playing in the back


My Buddy to a pic of meh :P

I love these pop-stands

Oh oh, even the projector is logo-ed :)

Future release Panty and Stocking Nendos!

To the side...

It's the Jeep! 

Panty Scroll lol

Garterbelt and Brief Pops

ohhhh Background art

PSG Comic!? Wanna find it and read!!!


Loved the Backgrounds.

Panty's Gun!

Wait, is this a...



Panty has a cute face :3

More Chara Design

Animation paper!!

Their sezzy outfits

The Cop Outfits

I want this clock.


Her hair is fun

Stocking <3

Geeze this episode.

Stocking super weight

Ghost Design

Chibi Ghost >_>


Even the car design

Love this picture.

Snapped the Nendo Snow Miku!

Taiga and her puchi-neno goons

K-On! Nendo!!

and figmassss


Didn't you love the exploding enemies?


There was a guestbook with many many skteches in it...

Some quite good
Others awesome...


I think this person cheated lol. cool though.

and some were just plain EPIC.

I gave it a shot too. I don't like going all out with straight pen ;_;

Sad Episode I shall always remember

I want this dartboard in my room


By the time we left it was already dark out and we stayed for a good 3 hours or so.

Bought this badge on the way out, about 3 bucks, but nice :)

Took out their "heaven pudding"

Caramel Sauce.

Om Nomm Nomm

I went a second time Today with some other friends:

Good Garterbelt- it was packed since it was a Saturday.

I tried the "back-lace" drink. It was orange juice and something...

This drink came with this awesome coaster instead of a food mat XD

And also this side mini yogurt thing o.o

Back of this coaster- hey! I got 1 heaven! XD

Commented on the guestbook about how sour my drink was.

Taking a peek inside the storyboards book


The cafe was full of win.
I can't wait to see what they put on display next :D


Gabi said...

Thank you for so many pics and your fun commentary. Man that pudding looks so tasty.

Anonymous said...

That Back Lace drink kinda looks like a tequila sunrise. XD