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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Arcade Prize: Black Rock Shooter Headphones

I don't know what it is, but this has been the second pair of headphones I've won through an arcade crane prize game machine :P check out my last prize if you haven't: http://kxela.blogspot.com/2011/01/vocaloid-style-dock-headphones.html

Won it at my usual arcade territory- the Taito Arcade Station
Black Rock Shooter Head Phones, created by Banpresto, had three color schemes of Black Green, Black Blue, and Black White, the last one is what I got. Let's check it out. :D

Says "set 4" so I guess there is another color I missed.

 I was gonna put this image first, but youve seen this all to many times :P

 Side view of the box
 Back side
 I love this BRS image, not a Huke image but still
 This thing was plastered shut with tape, I had to chop of the seals to get the thing out.
 The image for the Headphones. Pretty Spiffy.
 Top of Head Phone.
 Anddd me wearing it
 Side view :3
Nice amount of cord, as you saw in the previous picture it folds up pretty nicely to store or carry around. 

Tis a pretty awesome headphone prize XD


Jacob/Lascif said...

Hey so I was thinking of buying a pair of these :D.
Could you tell me the quality of them.
Thanks :)

I can check back here don't worry.

Kxela said...

Honestly the sound quality isn't that great ^^; I'd stick to real headphones for music

Jacob/Lascif said...

:( I saw then on Play-Asia and thought they looked real cool :/ Only £12.61
Still like the design on them.
I like headphones which have a japanese/videogame/anime reference to them and don't know what to go for :/
What type of music are they not good for?
Everything or just Bass and synth type stuff.

Thanks anyway

sennheiser 360 gaming headphones said...

It is my dream headphone. I saw it in one magazine and I fell in love on it. I really like the design and color of it. You are so lucky that you already have that headphone.


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