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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wonder Festival 2010 Summer Complete Report

Wonder Festival 2010 Summer was on July 25th,
I took a ton of pictures for this report!!
You can the pictures at figure.fm, one part at a time, divided into 6 parts:

Anyways here we go. 
*Warning: Hundreds of Pics. Pic Intense Post.
Click to Enlarge Picture.

*Warning: some NSFW pics.

Wonder Festival Entrance Banner

The Queue, when this picture was taken it was around 7:30am.
Slowly we were covered with hot rays of sun, making this several hour wait
extremely hot and painful.

CHAOS. The limited goods from Good Smile and Max Factory did not last
a whole ten minutes... already SOLD OUT when I got there.
This would be the line for them.
"Wonderful Hobby Life for You!" Section
Black Rock Shooter Zone
The "Wonderful Hobby Life for You!" Stage
Hosted several shows and performances.

Revoltech's Game challenge: A little carnival game type challenge, 
1000 yen per play, you get a prize no matter what.
Get 3 out of 5 balls you throw in to the hole and win a Revoltech Blader Liger.
I tried, got 2 in. T_T I won a Prof. Layton Revoltech and parts though.
Here's how it worked:

I decided to check out the other halls,
from here are the Pictures I took at the Dealers booths,
Mainly indy sculptors and other groups- 

Obitu was in this area, rather known doll maker.

From here I moved back to the Promotion Booths,
or the bigger company booths.

The Alter Booth was too crowded, especially the K-on! Section.
Decided to take the pics later (they'll appear below)

Good Smile Company's figure photo contest

The Winners of the contest

I was rather Surpised to see Yu-Gi-Oh stuff being made, these are really cool

Red Eyes Black Dragon!!

Blue Eyes White Dragon!!!

Miku Figure based on the Hatsune Miku Append Design

The limited Figma that sold out as previously mentioned

The limited K-ON! Performance Nendoroids, which also sold out like the above.

New Remilia and Flan Nendos

The Completed Culture Festival Live Outfit Nendoroids!

Can you believe I stood in line for an hour, only to be the 10th person in line before the frickin Black Rock Curry SELLS OUT TwT WHYYYYY
I had to settle with "One Hobby Curry-don"
...it was good.

Yes that's "Indotei, End of Line"
The Queue for the Black Rock Curry.

Sold out, Me being the 10th person behind.

Had to deal with this, One Hobby Curry.

It was good, but tasted like DEFEAT. Really wanted to try that Black Rock Curry T_T

Finally I visited the Black Rock Shooter Zone:

This is the figure used for an official stop motion animation production. 

That concluded the day, I headed out.

Ended my Day with some Ramen!

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