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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Taito Arcade Prize Azusa and PV Yui Figures

W00T! My prize machine skills are still hot XD
Got two figures in one day at the Taito Station Arcade!
Azunyan figure and PV Yui Figure!

Azunyan in the box-

Swear I thought this was Ui at first.
This is the costume from the "fuwa fuwa time" Promo Video
when they first played it live in season 1.


I actually got Azusa thanks to the pity of the Taito guys.
They set it up for me to get after I got it down well with 10+ tries.

But hey, I could have bought it at Akihabara for 1800yen,
but I was able to get it from the game with less than 1500yen! 
So looks like I won this time!
Yui one was a bit easier to get, though it took me 600yen.

Anyways- the prize bag was pretty big carrying home <3

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