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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Looks like I caught Pokerus

Went and saw Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl the Movie: Phantom Ruler: Zoroark today.
I obtained the special event Celebi and got lots of pokemon goodies. I really like Zorua and Zoroark now <3

It was pretty cool, though I haven't seen a pokemon movie since......
....the first one ^^; and If I have seen others, I can't recall.

But anyways, Zoroark's voice is done by Paku Romi-
Although Zoroark just screams and stuff in the movie. But I could tell <3 lol

Lotsa Goodies, Most of them from the theatre Arcade.

First off, the Plastic figures. Nice looking :)

Zorua! XD

Pretty sturdy make :3


I didn't care for Zoroark until I watched the movie.
It totally changed my outlook on this pokemon :P

Key Chain Present that came with the movie tickets.

Celebi!! <3

And my big Zorua Plushie~

It's a nice size,

Big enough to cuddle <3

And of course the main, Event Present Celebii!
:D Now I can unlock Zorua when Pokemon Black/White comes out! Yay.

Pokemon Fever! XD
I haven't played My Heart Gold Version in a while,
but now this has gotten me started all over again. Whooot.

...Plus the Celebii unlocks a secret even in the game for Heart Gold and Soul Silver Version.
You take Celebii to that Shrine Box in that one forest...
And supposively if you have Celebi with you, the event unlocks and...

Well, I won't spoil it. I have yet to play it either so.

Cya Next time!


'Tsuki said...

Enjoy your pokerus, it's a healthy sickness... :D

Kigen said...

Lol I haven't been playing pokemon in a long time, nice that you were able to get a Celebi out of the deal.

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