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Friday, July 16, 2010

Start of Summer Loot: Getter Go Revoltech and Figma Mio

Summer Vacation started for me today and I went down to Akihabara after school to kick off the summer with some new loot!
Actually, I had in mind to buy the Revoltech Getter Robo Go at first.
I have to mention, Getter Robo Go is THE mecha anime I grew up with. I watched it when I was like four or five and I remember being obsessed about it, I even remember this transformable toy that came with the three parts of the robot, being able to transform into its different modes.
Well, thats long gone, but seeing Getter Go Remade by Revoltech is a huge high of nostalgia for me. Bet some of you understand this feeling.
Anyways, I went to the Kaiyodo store in Akiba and bought it there. Later I realized other places sold it cheaper. But Kaiyodo gave me free Revopliers and a 10 point coin with my purchase, so I guess there is benefit from buying it at the original store :)

So here they are, Getter Go and Mio!

I'ma focus on Getter Robo GO since most of you probably are thoroughly familiar with the Mio Figma.


The Colors are very accurate, just as I remember them being.

The Sword-Tomahawk is pretty badass.

Original Parts from revoltech make it even sweeter.

The weapons accessories are pretty damn cool.

And then I bought Mio, and I'm happy to say this would be my FIRST FIGMA ever! :D
I didn't have this in mind when I went to Akiba today but.... There was a place with a sale, only 2300 yen!! O_o I never seen a figma let alone a popular one sold for so low. I spent money I didn't plan to spend, but I can't resist deals like this.
They also had Azunyan Nendo for 3500 yen. Tempting but, I found other places with even nicer prices so I'll aim for that later.

Mio, now added to the two prize machine figures I won earlier this week, makes 3 K-on! figures in my ownership. I think I filled my K-on quota for now, actually figure quota as well, I'll wait a bit to be able get some more goods later on...unless something I want real bad like that Getter Go pops out. Then I auto buy.

Well, it was a rather weird pair to buy together. But having them be approx the same size, it allowed my to have some fun mixing things up. Like so.

Sword Tomahawk Mio~

Hm, So Getter Robo Go is actually a lefty Bassist player as well!?!?

1 comment:

jscoot said...

Getter Robo Revoltech was alwasy being pair by female it is because he has a characteristic as romanized. I can't wait this robot to be purchase at PIJ, where i use to got my collection. Revoltech is the romeo of my collection and he has a lot of juliets..his is luckly.