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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

DD Tenshi No Sumika Harajuku

...My Blog Posts are turning more and more into Otaku stuff... not that there's anything wrong with that. Will post some art sometime soon...


After following Dannychoo's bloggings for a while now I have peaked a bit of interest in DD's (dollfie dreams). I knew about Super dollfies from before, seen girls collect them in cons back home in America. Also know they are wicked expensive. >_<; not sure if I'm willing to dive into it but, I thought I'd check a showroom out.

I've been to the showroom in Akihabara, small place. Today I thought I'd go to a place closer to my place- Harajuku's Volk's Showroom, them known as "tenshi no Sumika"

Rather Lovely day, Harajuku is packing with people as always,
lotsa gaijin walking about too.

Tried looking for the shop last time, with in vain, for I had no map.
I did my research this time, map in hand right in my iPod Touch,

Walk down this street, down the stairs, take a right...Should be on the left hand...uhhh

Looks like I turned right one street early. But there it is.
Let's Run back.

Hazzah! Here we are!

Tenshi no Sumika

"Angel's Nest"

This building had two sides, One for Super Dollfies and others,
This side for Dollfie Dreams

unfortunately, they don't allow photography inside. Oh well.

I did manage to get my hands on the Dollfie Dream Pamphlet though.
Shows the know-how's of Dollfie adopting I guess.

My ventures for DD's continue....

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