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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Webcomic updation

-3- feeling a little better but still got coughs.

I updated Li today. For this sixth time this Year.
Man thats bad, 1 update a month, 6times for each comic.
where am I gonna go like that!?

Well as I posted I'm going to start update 5-5-5-5
meaning five Li pages, then 5 Nc pages, etc.

that way I'll have my mind on one story for long enough
before I switch instead of having to switch every page.
I've taken up using the nib/ink dip pen. It's pretty nice,
...well it comes out nice. Having to dip it every so often and
then needing to clean the pen before taking a rest is a bit
rough but its worth it. The Jerry's near our place sells manga
nibs, nib holders, comic ink, and that stuff, even copics :D <3

I have finals this-next week... for 3D dynamics, I've pretty much have about
70% of it done just gotta get the 30% of my scene done and spend a couple days
rendering. hope my computer holds up.

Mizucon is in few weeks! I need to do more fanart and make prints and buttonzzz X_x

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