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Saturday, December 6, 2008

December 2008~

Well I'm back to using this blog thing I guess,
new design, layout, awesome stuff.

I'm in my... 3rd before last quarter at AIFL,
I'm taking my portfolio preperation class and 3D dynamics and particles class.

So far, both have been pretty easy.
I really need to focus on making my demo reel, but i'm having a hard time
making a 30sec-1min story, cause I want my reel to have a story which is recommended.

all my stories end up coule minutes at least, the one I want to do-
I've storyboarded half of it and I can already tell its 2~4 minutes.ugh
but I think I can get rid of half of it and make it work.
...(i still want to make the entire story though...)

I've been wanting to draw STUFF, but I've had all this other STUFF to rearrange and organize that by the time i finish it's always already 2am when I want to start drawing. my hands dead by then. correction: my brains dead by then.

BUt I have been working on the animation that I made last quarter, which has been named "wings" til now, the official name is "Angel for a day" or "Angel Day". When I turned it in it lacked BGM, and only had tidbits of sound effects. Few days ago I did some sound hunting online and found the stuff I needed to finish that animation. I'm done with it completely as far as I can do in ToonBoom, all I need to do is make a youtube able video (youtube seems to hate quicktime animations, well actually, all programs besides quicktime seems to hate them, which is a pity cause quicktime renders so beautifully). ANyways, I finally got it made into a AVI, which I can put on a DVD... to show people who've been wanting to see my work. -3-
but now FLASH is being a pain, all the AVI renders for "Confidence" comes out pretty bad... I have to wait until school to use after affects or something to convert it to AVI nicely (...I'm downloading converts too, tonight).

so if this was all Blah Blah Blah to you fine, I'll get you to the visuals:


"confidence" and a Messed up version of "angel day" is there.

you can see the flash versions here:


k, back to work

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