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Friday, December 19, 2008

2008 closing

I've finished my classes for this year!! ^_^ WHich means I have only 2 quarters left til graduation. I took my print portfolio class this quarter, next quarter (actually, from now) I need to work on my demo reel.

I was complimented on my logo's graphic design. Because I made a nice logo all my presentational stuff like resumes, biz card came out nice. maybe I should look in to honing my graphics skills.

-3- Lost invisible update 2. 3 more pages til I switch back to NC. going smoothly I guess.

I got lotsa art I wanna make this winter break. Mizucon is right around the corner too. man even without school I'm buzy~

Looking for jobs. I dunno if I'm staying in the US or going to Japan after graduation. Japan sounds great, but I wonder about the pay from animation jobs. SUddenly...actually, I take that back. Man my student loans starting to hurt me X.x
If I can work in the US or here in FL for a little before going to Japan it might actually help my chances of getting hired over there. cause no one wants a fresh graduate without experience from another country? ...I'll have to find a job one place or another.

I bought Kakitorikun DS, a Kanji study game. waiting for it in the mail :3

well thats all for today I guess. Man I want more commissions.

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