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Friday, December 26, 2008

Pre-Mizucon weeekend Madness~

Heading off to Mizucon.
Tomorrow. o_o
Wait what itsnt it friday today?

Mizucon is from Dec 27-29. Thats a Saturday through monday schedule.
Talk about weird. I gotta work today to make up for getting off on monday then -3-
but I needs the money.

LOL I was all rushing this morning printing everything. Then I wrote down the date and was like ".....Dec 26?" then I ran to the postcard ad of mizucon I have on my bulletin board. "Dec 27-29" I just about fainted.

Well at least now I have everything about prepared, I can relax tomorrow morning and head out smoothly.

Speaking of which some weird things happened this morning.
I was at Kinkos and I wanted to get some of my arts printed for prints. Then the lady looks at my stuff and was like "did you download this/get this from somewhere" and then I said "I made it" and then even more she asks "is this your signature" on my works.

-3- I dunno whether to feel complimented or insulted. Either I've gotten good enough for people to think that my work looks like some other pros, or I've been accused of stealing art.

Well, she didnt really look like a Kinkos worker. She was in casual clothes and not in the usual uniform. No wonder she was a bit weird. Cause usually the dudes Kinkos just DO THEIR JOB and MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS instead of sticking their heads where it shouldnt go.

man, I sound pissed. Maybe cause its not con day today :<

oh well. after work I can spend the day making last minute new arts or play Mabinogi (the MMO by Nexon that I've been playing)

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