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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mizucon report

End of the year con, two days after Christmas, Mizucon was rather bland.
Sure I wasnt expecting anything amazing from a first time con but it was a bit disappointing, and the facts show they did a couple of things to achieve such a result.

1- date. Yeah, not the best time to have a con. THey thought otherwise according to their site. Plus it was a Sat-Mon con. I think that threw everyone off. They did it probably cause they didnt want to have the event right after Christmas, but I think it might have been better if they did.
2- THere was so little to do there. dealers room, 1 videogame room, 1 panel room, 1 main event room, 2 videorooms, and oh yesh, artist alley. Sounds alright, but the placement of them was a facepalm... They put the artist alley by the videorooms rather than the dealers room. And who exactly goes to the anime viewing rooms?- people who start to get bored, at least to me. The flow of people in the artist alley was terrible, there probably was less than 10 people max in the alley (who werent artists).

....that about wraps it up. I did just barely okay with the booth, no one asked for comissions but the new stuff sold a bit.
I forgot part of my costume on sunday so I didnt enter the contest. THough actually remembering the stress from the last con made me not want to enter in the first place. I was Student Lulu day 1, Zero day 2, and then Student Lulu with the cape and helmet on day 3. I didnt take pictures, but people did. I'll look for them.

The dealers room was pretty cool, not awesome, but they had some decent dealers (saw some friends) and had some nice sales. I got
a couple of import magazines and some fun toys, and 1 Kekkaishi manga.

I didnt even step in the game room.

Food there was typical, wasnt prepare Saturday.

IT was pretty disappointing, even Yasumicon which is free to attend was better than $35 weekend pass Mizucon.

But otherwise as I said I want expecting anything extra extravagant, I had fun seeing fellow friends and artists
After all thats what the point has become- to hang out...
though it could have been better.

Lets try harder next time Mizucon!

ON a brighter note, my next confirmed sorta con is Hatsume Fair
at the Morikami Museums in March. The best part is, I live like 10 minutes away from there. It sounds like its gonna be fun, Morikami's events are usually full of people, and having an anime portion sounds like a great idea.

time to get back to work.

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