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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tsukkomi! (Tsukuba Comic Festa) 2011

Tsukkomi! (Tsukuba Comic Festa) 2011 was held this weekend in Ibaraki, Tsukuba.
I attended the final day, Sunday. After a Stormy Friday and Saturday, finally it was actually a very nice day to be at this convention this Sunday.
I went after meeting a few awesome folks back in Wonfes last week. While they had a small vendors and Doujinshi circle section, a lot of the focus was on cosplay- Mainly the Open Area and the Cosplay Fashion Show, as well as the Live Shows that were held after the days events.

Tsukuba is a easy trip from Akihabara, one line- the Tsukuba Express.

Had some Mister Donut for breakfast!

The peoples and staff were energetic from early morning!

well, those who were already there at least.

Stage for Ibaliger hero show later on.

Multilingual posters for Tsukkomi!


IBALIGER. OUR HERO. Never watched but I like the design :3

Vendors in the hall and sections

tickets for the live show that evening

These are those anime decorated bags of rice...kinda neat?


Main stuff was cosplay, I spent most of my time in the Open area taking the handful of cosplayers there. There weren't too many so, I think I got most of them.


I ended up meeting this girl after the Cosplay Fashion Show, not in costume.
She had cute short reddish hair. She was kind enough to take some pictures of my costume for me (since I was lacking in them)

Rozen Maiden

Patchoulli! There was actually a good amount of Touhou cosplayers. As you will see below.

Tenshi? I think? If not, still kickass.

Cosplay gives little children hopes and dreams lol

Gundam RX-78 2 awesomeness

Took me a minute to realize these girls are Vocaloid lol


Yomi! Rare Azumanga find. 

Awesome rocket near by.

Ed-san was awesome enough to snap some photos of me even though we were in a bit of a rush XD

PFP!!! rawr.

Bridge to the main areaaaaa

Now this, is a combination. Oddly, it kinda fits.

I was able to watch the IBALIGER SHOW. funny and nice action there was.

And from above.

Show down after the fashion show-

That sword is pretty sick yo

All the mecha armor dudes were awesome here,
especially Evangelion was EPIC GAR

This is the prettiest Kitaro I've ever seen >_>

Yay Vocaloid!


He brought me to the bench just to do this Yaranaika pose. Thanks.

She told me Glasses were an option lol X3

Agukaru~ Agriculture anime? wonder if its like harvest moon :3

I'm not sure where this is from... but I've seen it before.

He recognized my costume and highly praised it. I was happy :D
Stocking Cosplay of EPIC proportions

She was one of the people from the Korean Cosplayers Group.
Got to use my English haha

And uh, some of my cosplay pics. I'll do a separate post for it later.
Thanks a ton to Mio-Chan for taking majority of these XD

Anddd some of the not so great photos of the Cosplay Fashion show.

Wish iPhone could zoom a bit more decently...

But eh, my fault for forgetting my camera in the changing room :P

Tsukkomi! was pretty fun, I'd say it wasn't so bad for its first time around.
Hopefully I can attend again once it comes around again :)

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