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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wonder Festival Winter 2011 Report/Photos!!!

2011 Wonder Festival! Took a nice amount of pics- :D Lots of neat and awesome stuff.
Picture Intense post! Click to Enlarge Photos:


Took us about 30 minutes after opening time to actually get in.


3DS Love Plus...

One of the comrades we met up and lined up with 

my TheWorldGodOnlyKnows Costume X3

If I recall, his arm actually shot out air or something :D

Kanon-Chan Cosplay was the only other GodOnlyKnows Cosplay I saw. 
Pity, but yay that I found at least another.


Amazing Paper Crafts

Table Showing off their sparkly paint

Looking good



Spotted some ita-sha parked outside :3

COSTCO!! I need to go next time I go to Makuhari

Some friends and awesome costumers we met XD

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