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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Comiket 78 Report (Belated, yes)

Well, again belated, but I should post it for goodness sake.
Comic Market 78, the first Comiket I applied to as a circle and didn't make it in. Might have been a good thing though, I managed to go with bunch of awesome dudes and even got to try out lining up from midnight (that's NO NO kids, you don't line up all night!! *wink*wink*) Anyways, here we go:

Our team assembled at Rinsabers hotel, got a nice view of Ariake from the Daiba Hotel.

Midnight, already peoples have lined up. Wasn't too long though.

There were hotels, convenience  stores, Mcdonalds near by.

8 hours later.

Kinda cloudy but it didn't rain on us.

Anime ad BLIMP.

Look, the line is moving!!

See ya, suckers.

In we gooooo

Snapped this shot. Man that is a huge army.

In to the strange shaped reverse Egyptian Japanese building!!

March march march...

We are indeed headed to the commercial booths, day 1.
for all the limited goods.
Broccoli and Gamers


Rondo Robe


and More

the Kirara Booth with K-on stuff

Dudes heading to the West Hall.

Pillars of ads

Our first batch of goodies.

I went to get lunch at the family mart inside Big Site.
Man they were STOCKED


SUPER STOCKED. I never have seen them so FULL.

Little bug decides to chill with us. He sat for a good 10 minutes.
Must've been tired from lining up.

Comiket goers takin a break.

This is the middle section, right under the upside down pyramids. 

ahh, sea of people. or as the japanese say- "its like a mountain of garbage"

View from high up.

Escalators for peeps leaving the West hall commercial area.

Sonico Pillar.

West Hall, not too crowded now since day 1 is almost over.

But there are still lots of people.

and many have left already.

Final? Batch of stuff for the day. Not all mine, by the way (oh I wish).

Train Station, filled with ads.


ohhh FMA!


This is the space we'll be waiting for the next 10 hours. We are in the East wing, aiming for the Doujins day 2, Saturday.

So we seemed fairly early, only what, couple sections packed full.

And at 2:00am, right when you think we've settled down,
They make us FRICKIN MARCH. around the area, on the beach and back where we started.
man they really don't like us people who line up from midnight.

Weird dude with flashing light. Srsly, what!?

And after doing a lap around the entire area, they give in and settle us down.

And we got to leave our stuff and walk about. Thank God.

Rinsaber and I walked around and got food.
....Strange I  don't remember taking this pic. Or maybe cause I didn't buy this drink,
probably borrowed it from him.

K-On!! Ads

And we visit this side. Our group had split up, Some of them wanted to go to the West Side again.

This is approx. where they were at, way better than yesterday.

Takin pics of the area.

....Calm before the STORM.

haha, feelin like a rebel. Probably applies only when cosplayers are walking around though.

Back we go.

And more soda cause McDonalds gives us tiny cups of soda.

I want this vending machine lol

And when we get back, dudes past out.
You gotta admit, this is some skill they've got. Sleeping on frickin concrete.

I passed the time chatting on pictochat and playing
"find the pictochatters around you"

I bet no one here has a DS like mine. This is a Toys-R-Us Limited edition Blue color.
I got this before the DS lite even came out.

Anddd just a little longer.

We're in! Like INSIDE, at 9:50am. I didn't think it was possible to get
physically inside the building before 10am.

Hall 6, my target- hall 1.


OMG, Deja Vu.

Oh look, that's how the Chaos of the west wing looks from here.

Long line is long.. But actually moved pretty fast, I wasn't lined up for even 25 minutes I think.

Look the end of the line.

Dang, I think that guy in the blue shirt and hat is ZUN.
No wonder I don't remember seeing him, I wasn't in his side of the line.

But I got the prize. (bought few for the others)


...Curious me, took a look at the table that was mine 6 months ago...
;_; I hope I make it in next time.

Anddd dang. Daiokishin was sold out when I got to them.
I also forgot One Night Stand, I wonder if they were there.

SUNDAY: I past out on Saturday Night, Not waking up til 2am.
Which left me with the only choice of going in the morning.
Rin called me like 10 times lol.Sorry Dude. But we still managed to get some good stuff on day 3.

...I took like no pictures on Sunday. Except Cosplay, which will be in a separate blog post.

This wasn't comiket, but it was still crazy XD

My Loot, day1.

Comiket 79, here I go.

Day 2 loot.

Day 3 loot.

My achievements.


HUKE's Works

Shiro Miwa's Works

Pile of Loot. Still spent too much.

Man this post was long...

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