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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Japan Post: Nakano Broadway

Belated, but thought I'd post. Went to Nakano Broadway earlier in August with a bunch of fellows :3

Bunch of us met up at Nakano Station, earlier before Comiket.

The long shopping arcade

The sides have a nice older look with many shops

Entrance to Nakano Broadway!
Before going in, we had lunch at a Unagi (eel) restaurant.

I had a Tororo Unajyu (Unagi bowl with mountain potato). It was pretty good :3

Their menu.

wow, old old Asahi beer posters o.o

Back on track

Inside is a ton of stores, many manga/anime shops like mandarake and other specialty stores.

Although, at least a third of the place was Mandarake ^^;

Tons of displays :D

They had a soft serve place, our group sorta split so couple of us had a nice cold snack.

They had some pretty odd flavors, but I went with strawberry lol


more Stairs

They had a wall scribble with Tsukasa...


My Loot Bag :3 I got some stuff from the arcade UFO catchers XD

By the time we were leaving it was already pretty dark.

For supper we went and had Katsudon! 

We shoulda tried this....yeah...maybe not XD

My loot for the day. Gundum 00 poster, 2 Spice and Wolf Towels, Rin PuchiNendo, 

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nadaesico said...

wow how could you take photos?
i am always too scared when i see those dont take photos signs