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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Application for Comiket 79

All right, so...The darn application deadline for Winter Comiket 2010 or Comiket 79 was just a few...in fact a day after frickin Comiket. I had to help out a friend apply as well so...I had a ton of stuff to do with little time.

These are the application packets I got at comiket.
These are still a requirement, because these are what provide you with
both the application code and online application code.

So I thought- what the heck, I'm gonna go learn how to apply online. I jumped to circle.ms, checked out the application pages and followed the instructions.

SUPER EASY. It totally beats filling out 6 sheets of paper full of info (you just practically fill out 1 form for online registration.) Paying by credit card was also amazingly easy, and best of all: I was able to submit my circle cut DIGITALLY!!!! I added shade and stuff to my circle cut.

My Circle cut is Marisa!!I am going with Touhou again.
However in addition, I plan to do something else also.
Maybe Vocaloid or Black Rock Shooter stuff.

So yes, I am applied for Comic Market 79. Results should be in within ....the next few months. Until then, I better keep on working on my arts :3

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I found this blog after googling comiket application.

I'm Hanyon, remember me?
hehe, good luck with your application.