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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Code Geass Cafe

Yesterday was the last day "Cure Maid Cafe" in Akihabara was doing their special "Code Geass Cafe,"
as I was informed by a fellow Geass Cosplaying friend of mine. I wanted to check this out so I decided to go check it out since it was my last chance to do so.

I printed a failure of a map, so it took me a while to find,
but turns out it was in a building I've visited before.

It was right above the Gashapon Kai and Gee Store!

Oh here's the ad.

And the special menu!

Take the elevator to go to cafe...

6th Floor...

was quite excited at this moment XD

Not too surprisingly, there was a little line, so I had to wait a few minutes to get in.

That's when I saw the- DUN DUN DUN
"please refrain (pun?) from the inside of a store taking a picture"
good thing I'm used to Engrish.

Probably the usual non-Japanese reader would give up at this point.
What it DOESN'T say in Engrish was- That if you WOULD like to take
pictures of yourself, food, or others things- Please let the staff know before hand.
I wasn't able to snap a TON of photos, but I did manage a couple of good ones.

(*I snapped this without permission lol)

What surprised me is that- This Maid Cafe is not one of those stupid sugar high cafe's where the waitress maids are trying to look uber cute and make you say stupid things.

It was a quiet and relaxing, honest to goodness CAFE. Except with Waitresses that dressed like maids and ACTED like maids.

It was a bit relieving (I don't quite like those hyper maid cafes) but at the same time a bit disappointing cause I thought they might at least have Code Geass Cosplayers as Waitresses for this special event. Oh well.

I wasn't expecting much from them since it is a maid cafe, but the food was decent.
(*I took this one with permission, yes)

The walls were decorated with posters, ads, and Character designs from Code Geass R2.
(*I had to ask permission for this one too. And they check your photos)

Other than the bunch of Code Geass stuff that seasoned the cafe and their special menu, it was a pretty normal little maid cafe. (*after paying my check I asked if I can take this photo)

I snapped this on my way out. "All Hail Brittania!!"

Everyone that orders from the Code Geass Special menu gets one of these AWESOME coasters... Or so I thought since the menu said "collect both of them!" but maybe they gave me both since its the last day anyways XD guess I got lucky.

Don't know if I'd go back there again, although it was a pretty nice Cafe with a quiet setting.
Maybe I will, all the more so if they do the Geass Cafe Again.

Those over priced pancakes weren't enough for me so I ended up having Ramen later :3
Also I did find a peculiarly interesting cafe not too far from the place...

Neko Cafe, or Kitty Cafe....
Cute~ BUT LOOK AT THAT PRICE. 30Min for 800 yen (10bucks)
I'm gonna pass. But it sure is interesting...ly weird.

Until next time! I'm totally tired of blogging for one day x_X


chun said...

Would you like some cat hair in your food cafe? LOL jk, I LOVE cats ^^ But not sure if I would subject them to being handled by strangers at a cafe setting ^^; Thanks for sharing your experiences :D

Asuka` said...

I totally want those Code Geass coasters. I would have asked for one of their posters as well. It's really a shame that the staff didnt cosplay as code geass characters. And rofl, how does the Lelouch themed drink taste like? :3