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Friday, March 5, 2010

WiMax Wifi Wireless Internet

Hey gang, gone are my day of scrambling around to find a wifi-signal where ever I go-
behold, I have gotten the WiMax Wifi service!:

Some of you may have heard this, there's a fairly popular commercial for it:

This commercial wasn't all that much of an influence to me though.

Oh I also got a wireless router so I can use the net on the go without my laptop:

This thing cost my a hundred buck though.

I at first had my eye on E-mobiles "Pocket-Wifi"
But after comparing the two I came to the conclusion that this was the better deal:

WiMax has not binding 2 year contract unlike Pocket Wifi, and I can change the plan whenever I want (for the next month)

Wi-Max Double Plan Starts at 380 yen and maxes at 4800, you're charged for how much you use. Wi-Max Unlimited is 4500. Pocket-wifi Also has this but their max cap goes up to 6000, and the unlimited plan is 4900 or 5900. Both ways WiMax was cheaper.

WiMax is faster at 10MBPS (up to21) and Pocket Wifi at 7MBPS

Wi-Max comes with a service for using free wi-fi spots all over Japan (in case I need it)

Even after canceling a monthly plan, as long as I have a this USB Wifi thing I can connect for a whole day for just 600 yen when I need to.

Devices come in Black color :D


Not as sleek as the Pocket-wifi,
The router needs the USB plugged into it, making it kinda bulky.
It's light and does fit in your pocket too, but its a bit more of a hassle than 
that little pod you get with pocket-wifi.

Well, The balance shows that there was more benefits for me choosing that one.
I also was glad I can pay with credit card, since I didnt have a bank account in Japan
at that time.

Some personal news now:

Just about done with the long term freelance job I've been working on now.
Getting back to doing doujin stuff and hopefully I can get some money there.
Also finding and seeking new freelance work.

Lost Invisible now Updating every Tuesday and Friday,
I've been able to keep it up for a week now.

I got a Webcam and Mic, I've been Skype-ing with my family.
This was the first time ever I've cam-chatted, its pretty amazingly fast and clear
for a cheap 3000yen cam that I bought.

Thats all for now, hope to blog more now that I am connected :D