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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tokyo Anime Fair 2010 (March 26th)

Sometimes when you're down, its best to just geek out to the max...SO-

Tokyo Anime Fair this week! I found out yesterday and attended the 
business day! (You need to over 18 and have business cards to get in on Thursday and Friday)
Saturday and Sunday are the general public day, so if you want to attend you still can!

(glad I went today, Probably will be at least 3 times crowded during the public days)

All right here we go with the overview~ 

Sign in front of the Big Sight Entrance!

The entrance was at the East Hall #3. First thing that enters your sight is this Optimus Prime statue.

Black Rock Shooter Anime Promotion Booth

Found Danny Choo at the Good Smile Company section.
I actually found out that Tokyo Anime Fair was this weekend from his twitter.
I got to meet him and trade business cards. I forgot to get a picture with him lol 

BRS  figma and Nendoroid ad XD

Kadokawa Shoten Booth

TV Tokyo booth

Some Moe Maid Cafe booth.
They had a survey which I filled out,
if you fill one out you get to draw a raffle ticket-

Pamphlet and raffle ticket

Hey, "atari"

The Prizes were one of two badges :3 My luck of draw is usually bad, but I got a winner today lol


Been reading it in Shonen Gan Gan. They had it planned to be an anime from the beginning.

Trigun Movie Next Month!

Gintama Movie Trailer!


Gundam 00 section at Sunrise

Gintama Roulette

SD Gundam Statue

Toei Animation Booth

It was surprising to see many booths advancing towards "3D" animation (3D like Avatar)
You get to try out the Panasonic 3D Televisions that aren't out yet (I think). They're cool! Just like
the 3D in the Movie theatres! 

3D Try-out Theatre

Aniplex Section

Hagaren/Fullmetal Alchemist

"Midway" New Anime?

Hidamari Sketch Hoshi Mitsuu

Angel Beats! new Key Anime

"Working!" Anime

TV Tokyo Booth Again

Banner for new Pokemon movie-
Featuring the new 5th Generation Pokemon Game due later this year.

Good Smile Company! I'll be doing a separate Blog post for the
figure pics I took.

Redline. Animation. They had lots of model vehicles on display,
I'll post those with the GSC post next.

AR booth. These guys had something really interesting:

iMac's with some objects with some kind of barcodes on them...

take the object and point the barcode to the cam...

Something activates one screen. Here the mascot comes flying towards the barcode.
They had lots of things from images to videos and other things.
Very innovative and futuristic. Want to see this in action in the future :3

Little Booths

Oh look Japan Expo ^^ I think I heard of them in the US

Gundam 00 Movie!!

September....arrrrugh can't wait ><

Here's the title of the movie!

Tezuka Productions Booth!

Studio Pierrot Booth

Naruto, Bleach, etc ads

Studio Ghibli Booth

Big Totoro Balloon flying above :D

New Ghibli movie in the works

Pink car!

From these guys.

Giant Anpanman Balloon

Some Mascot > >

TBS Booth

Crunchy Roll!!

Studio Anima- These guys had something cool too:

This Miku Video was "3D" but you didn't need glasses.
I wonder if the Nintendo 3DS is gonna be like this. It really did look
3D, but it was a little grainy and wasn't as clear as the ones you see with glasses.

They did have the usual 3D glasses "3D" as well

Booth Selling lightboxes/tracing tables. Quite pricey.



Creators World Section

Wacom Booth. I did a doodle on the Cintique

Many Creators from Companies and schools


Some Card game in the works


Guess Part 1 of the card game is K-On! Part 2 is Hidamari Sketch.



I'm looking forward to the Bakuman Anime ^^

Little Promotional video. Nothing Animated yet.

nother snap shot of Black Rock Shooter


Cool Statue


Snapshot of the hall.

I've only been to Bight Sight for Comiket. It's interesting to see it set up like this.

History of Gunpla.


Some how I missed GONZO Animation til the end.

Saki Cosplayers handing out ads

Range Murata's Shangri-la Sketches

More Shangrila stuff

Saki Stuff

GONZO ceiling

TV TOKYO had a Itachi statue :B

Oh here's my vistitor badge :3

I got my Biz card in it and everything 


So yeah, it's at Tokyo Big Sight this weekend.

If you want Manjuu, Yakisoba, Takoyaki, or Okonomiyaki for lunch
you can getem from these guys outside the convention center.

I went to Akihabara Afterwards because I wanted some Railgun goods (awesome XD )
I'll do a blog post on that later as well.


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