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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Akiba Loot 3/26

Well, after browsing around Tokyo Anime Fair, I left at around 2pm.

Kokusaitenjijo-station, plastered with ads as usual

both sides

I didn't take much photos in Akiba :p It was rainy and cold
(why am I always in Akihabara when its cold and rain!?) so I decided to
get some taiyaki. The good smell drew me to it.

Kinda funny shaped, the batter around the taiyaki is kept.
the outside tasted like sugar cone.

but they were't stingy with the amount of red bean <3

For dinner I had Cream Crab Croquette with Mushroom Curry. mmmm

em anyways, to my loot:

My Bag for Tokyo Anime Fair

Just a buncha ads.
The good they sold at the fair were cool but there wasn't anything I wanted.
I was looking for some Railgun stuff, but didn't find much cool stuff.

But I did find a unboxed Puchi-Nendo Luka

This makes my weird nendo collection (in Japan)

Also got this unboxed Gretsch Collection White Falcon Guitar figure

For a tiny thing, its pretty nicely detailed

And my homerun prize;
Nendoroid Drossel. Had my eye on this-

1980 Yen, $20 at Sofmap. Everywhere else its 35-40

Wheee <3

And thus making my Nendo collection even awkward.

but only one has illuminable eyes.

But it took me a few minutes to find and pull out the piece of paper blocking the battery.

I was dead tired by the end of the day yesterday, but it was an awesome day.
I've been pretty down lately, sometimes I guess it takes of furious fandom to snap out of every day life's stresss.


Luna said...


BAWWW I bought her figma on ebay and got a crappy bootleg! ;A;

Mun-Yeen said...

AH!! If only the stations I visit have anime characters on the walls. I'd smile like a creeper every time I see them. XP