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Friday, June 25, 2010

Akihabara: Gundam Cafe

Hey guys! Long time no blog! My bad!
Earlier this month I had a chance to visit the Gundam Cafe after waiting in a queue for a while...

Long line.

The Sign was pretty cool.

The walls were nicely decorated/designed.

Copyrights to Sunrise lol

RX-78 waiting to greet ya.

Gundam Models displayed

The Bathroom IS AWESOME. There's something cool in there,
so if you ever visit, GO TO THE RESTROOM LOL

Few TV showing clips of all the past gundam shows. 00 being the last.

I unfortunately didn't get to take pictures of the food and drinks we had, I had a headache by the time we were able to settle so we got out of there pretty quick...for the sake of the people waiting in line.

But it was pretty rad. If you get a chance you should visit. It's really close to the JR station of Akihabara. Til Next time! Cya!

1 comment:

Mun-Yeen said...

Hm... I was expecting more from a gundam cafe for some reason. XD