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Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Fall Blog Design + Winter Comiket Pending Results

Redesigned the Blog! How's it look? :D

Comiket Results are pouring in as I wait by the side unable to check my application status. The news is- All applicants were to have received (or so I'm thought to believe) a postcard with a application confirmation number. Using that number we are able to go to the Circle.ms website and use the Comic Market 77's "Circle registration information and information retrieval systems" (コミックマーケット77の「サークル情報登録&当落情報検索システム) and find out the results of our application.

called up my relatives (I used their addy cause I'm not in Japan right now)- said they never got that postcard with number.

...well that screws me up.
I tried everything but looks like it's no use. There is a way to ask for it by sending some lost/unarrived form to the comiket staff but, I found out that it's only a week away from them sending the real packets (Before the confirmation number postcard and online checking existed, people submitted their applications and waited for this "result package" containing either an acceptance form with tickets to participating in comiket OR a "sry you didn't make it" note, which they still do).

So, guess I need to wait a week for the result packets to find out ANYTHING. The worst that can happen is- that packet ALSO doesnt get delivered. :( I sure hope not. Anyways awaiting any news from Japan regarding my Comiket 77 application.


Well while I wait I must try to get some work done on the books I have planned for that event anyways.

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Gazer said...

hey, wow, u do webcomics? that's pretty cool! i'll check them out soon! ^_^