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Monday, October 26, 2009

Infinite Bits Gaming Convention and catching up on Manga

:) ...results of Infinite bits-

It sure was a convention focused on videogames, lots of videogame vendors, lots of games lined up to play, even a area with arcade machines and a Videogame museum with a bunch of historical concoles to games of today.

But not really the greatest for the artist alley :/ It was a bit like Mizucon one where the alley was in this isolated corner where hardly anyone came by. I did.... mmm okay I guess. Not great though. Plus the tables next to me didnt appear all weekend, and a bunch of empty tables do hurt the atmosphere. Meet some old familiar folks along with new people as well. It was at the same place Florida Supercon was last time so getting there was super easy (printed some [wrong] directions but only used them once)

...man I'm tired. just tired -_-"

Well I think I can focus on November, no cons or anything to distract me.

By the way, sounds like Comiket results will be in soon, I need to get the postcard sent to me (in Japan) and find out the number to see the results hope I can get to that soon.

...I've caught up reading BLEACH and NARUTO.

...They're both pretty awesome now that I've caught up.
I haven't read Naruto in forever, I stopped before Sasuke VS Itachi.
That battle and backstory was insane.

...>> got all emotional reading Naruto T_T but come to think of it, it has happened before.

Bleach is pretty sick awesome. It's too bad they went into the dumb fillers again for the anime (saw some when I went to Japan).

I'm happy Shonen Jump is a weekly magazine after a month or so there'll be a good amount to read again.

Still FOllowing FMA too of course. DokiDOki <3

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