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Sunday, November 1, 2009

w00tw00t New Nintendo DS: Nintendo DSi LL

Yay AGAIN for me NOT upgrading my original DS YET.

new later this month in Japan and next year for US, We're getting a new DSi.

It's BIGGER o.o 4.25" Screens, Better Battery Life, Bigger Stylus. Nice Colors.




Mun-Yeen said...

DId your DS lite break or something? o_o

Kxela said...

No no I have the first Fat Nintendo DS. Still working fine. ^^;

But I've been tempted to buy the DS Lite and then the DSi- which I almost have- but I decided to wait thinking a better one would be out next.

And here you go, I was right :P

Mun-Yeen said...

Ah! I should have done that too, but my DS brokw before the DSi came out and I was itching to play Animal Crossing: Wild World.